Dressing Room: Glasses

I got new glasses last fall, but one of my pairs just has never felt right. The test pair in the store were okay, but I feel like my pair are just too narrow, so I don’t wear them often. I’d like to have another pair to swap in and out. A lot of my co-workers swear by Warby Parker, which is cheap ($95 for frames and lenses) and will mail you five pairs of your choice for free to try out for five days.


I think the pair I ultimately selected will be quite evident, but who knows, maybe you guys have different opinions!

Colton: I love bright colors. I had to try. No. I like the shape, but they are too big, too. I should have tried Owen, I think. But maybe those are even bigger? I think I just have a tiny face.

Finn: I actually love these. The shape, the size all work well. But the black is just too stark with my paleness, and I don’t like the other available colors.

Begley: Oh, my God, I tried on Harry Potter’s glasses. I didn’t mean to! I’m sorry! I’ve never had round frames before, and, well, I should continue that trend.

Tenley: This is the only even vaguely cat-eye frame they offer at the moment, which is really sad because where if not at hipster central will you find cat-eyes?? Sadness. Again, too big for my face. Flashbacks to the 1980s, when all glasses were adult sized and my kelly green frames took up 3/4 my face. But I do like the midnight blue – I wish the Finns were available in it.

Nedwin: I’d actually tried these on when my friend got her free try-ons, and I love them more even now. Great pop of color, great shape, nice size. As soon as I find my prescription, I’m ordering these. I usually get transition lenses for my glasses, but I will save the money because my super adorable pink Wayfarers and new red cat-eye sunglasses fit perfectly over these.

I do wish they were a little more unique, as that’s half the fun of a place like WP, but whatever. They’re adorable and suit me well.


3 thoughts on “Dressing Room: Glasses

  1. I had previewed this post in my email and then went over to twitter and saw my friend Tara had posted a link to the WP newsletter and it just was so up your alley: http://us2.campaign-archive1.com/?u=6d73e285d078b1e68204e3d63&id=f3e2fa4dec&e=0fb82fbf56 I can’t believe they didn’t have more cat-eyes tho. From the look of that newsletter, they must certainly have more trendy/hipstery stuff!

    Finn is pretty, I do agree that the black is too stark. Be cool if there was a plummy color. Nedwin does look the most “you” 🙂

    Have you looked at Zenni online? A friend got such a good deal that she has a ton of glasses to pick from.


    • Oh, man, I love the blue gradient color! I wish the frames weren’t so big. And yes, if any spot is going to have cat-eyes, you would think it was them!!
      Zenni looks amazing, though. $15 cat-eyes! With prices like that, and the cheapest lenses, it doesn’t matter if the quality is low because they can be easily replaced. I will definitely have to consider giving that a try!!


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