18 May 2012: Flowery

It isn’t really warm enough for my new dress today, so I got to pull this one out instead.

American Eagle sundress, Merona cropped cardigan, New York and co necklace, Biviel t-strap heels

This is such a pretty design! I love wearing it.


2 thoughts on “18 May 2012: Flowery

  1. I still love this one 🙂 and it looks really nice with the t-straps and little cardi.

    I need to make some little cardis like that, it looks so versatile! I did tie one of my half-circle shawls in the back with a ribbon this weekend, and it looked like I had sleeves over my tank top (that was the color block outfit, it was just hard to do a self-portrait and see the sleeve effect).


  2. It always makes me so happy to wear this!

    And the cardi is amazing – I need more cropped ones, because works with SO many things. And wow, that sounds so cute! That’s an awesome idea.


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