24-30 May 2012: Texas, Baby!

I had a super fantastic time on vacation, visiting my best friend and her toddler down in Texas. It was hot, but in a nice summery way.

I say that having spent 90% of my time inside because of the heat. So basically what I mean is that the sunshine and air conditioning was a joy.

I went simple, basic and easily packed for this trip. I also played with loose and unstructured tops – I normally like to wear things that are more fitted, but I’m feeling confident enough to go drapy and loose, and I like the effect. It feels summery.

Old Navy tunic, Gap Long and Lean jeans, cutoff

Anthropologie Loosened Shelby blouse, Cold River Canyon skort

JCrew gingham top, Gap Long and Lean jeans, cutoff

(new top!! $10 at the outlet)

American Eagle sundress, Me Too ballerina wedges

I normally wear a cardigan with this, due to bra straps, but it was so freaking hot on the plane that I did not care. But I love how it looked with these shoes.


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