6 and 7 June 2012: Summer!

You can see the temperature change from Wednesday to Thursday, up about 15 degrees.

JCrew layering tee, Gap empire top, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, New York and co. necklace, LL Bean flats

Charlotte Russe drape back top, Ann Taylor Loft dotted pencil skirt (thrifted), Merona cropped cardigan, Me Too ballerina wedges, unknown illusion necklace

Stepping up the cuteness, with super fun pattern mixing, for a brief presentation at our staff meeting.

This skirt is like my weight litmus/nemesis. It’s the smallest and most formfitting bottom I own, and if I am at all nervous about putting on a few pounds, I avoid it like the plague. I wasn’t too sure it was going to work, but I thought it would look great with the top so  I went for it, and it was fine. Halleluiah! My friend at work complimented it and said I should keep showing off my legs, which is hilarious to me because I consider them my weakest body part. And, also, they are covered in bruises and red spots from my mosquito attack in Texas. But I appreciated hearing that all the same.


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