13 and14 June 2012: Pinky Pink

I’ve been trying to avoid my apartment, which has led to fun things like going out with friends a few nights in a row. But also leads to less time to blog!

Gap camisole, JCrew Sanur convertible dress, BP cardigan, Van Heusen flower bib necklace, Me Too ballet wedges

This is just such a joy to wear, as dress or skirt. Super swingy and adorable.

Ann Taylor Loft Sunwashed tee, Maurice’s skirt, Aerosole wedges


Hmm. I look kind of ruler shaped today, which is not normal. Either the top or skirt (or both?) seem a little baggy at the waist. Or maybe it’s too high waisted like this for me? I need to play around with it a little.

I really need to find something to do with my hair, too. I saw a picture of me from the back and it looks atrocious. This doesn’t work either. I might have to pull out my velcro curlers and see if I can get some volume back there.

Tomorrow, it’s supposed to be 90, and I hope it is so I can finally wear the awesome dress I bought at anthropologie for my birthday last month. Cross fingers!


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