28 June 2012: Heat Wave

It’s 94 degrees before noon. It’s not posh frock Friday, and I don’t care. It’s birthday dress time!

Anthropologie Melora dress, Gap flower headband, Me Too ballerina wedges

Just check this back:

Reasons to love the Melora dress:
1. Pockets.

2. Bra strap holders sewn in (a retro touch that I wish more tops had)

3. Polka dots!

4. Fancy back! With crochet lace!

5. It makes you feel like Betty Draper.

Let’s talk review. First off, it runs a wee bit large, I think. I first tried on a 6 and the side zipper is so hidden that I didn’t realize it existed and tried to pull it over my head. It was a tight fit (DUH) but I actually got it pretty far on before I realized and unzipped. The 6 looked okay, but a bit baggy. When taking it off, I realized there was also a button inside, right at the waist, to help zipping. Once I undid that, dude, SO easy to get off. (I’m a bright cookie, clearly.)

The 4 is a little snug around my chest and the arm hole is cut deeply enough that a bit of my bra does show.  I decided that I’m okay with that, it’s a close enough shade to my skin color and you really have to be looking there. Which, you know, most people don’t. The zipper is a bitch and a half to get up on your own – it involves some contorting and then yanking due to stickiness. This makes me nervous that the zipper will break, but it’ll be easy enough to get another in there, I think.

I love it. It’s twirly and beautiful and my favorite silhouette. I had three women go out of their way to walk over to me and compliment the dress, on a four minute walk this morning. It’s more gold than yellow, no matter what my pictures say, and while that’s brighter than I normally like, I think it looks great with my skin tone. This is my dream sundress, hurrah! I just need to figure out a cute hairstyle to go with it next time.

It’s also available in red, as the Sweet Enticement dress, and I am trying hard to use my $50 gift card on something useful and not a duplicate of this dress, hee.


2 thoughts on “28 June 2012: Heat Wave

  1. ” When taking it off, I realized there was also a button inside, right at the waist, to help zipping. Once I undid that, dude, SO easy to get off.”

    Absolutely hilarious & that last sentence has been cracking me up all day!

    My mom told me once to always zip & unzip a zipper on a dress you are about to try on – before you try it on! I forgot to try that & got stuck inside a dress in the fitting room of a Dillards. I damn near had a meltdown right then & there. Crying, thrashing around & generally freaking out trying to get that dress off me – which I finally managed to do. I looked like I had been attacked by zombies when it was all over with. I so left that dress in a mangled shredded pile on the floor of the dressing room & ran out of the store & never looked backed. It was a loooong time before I ever went back to Dillards let alone tried on another dress in a fitting room! But now – I check the zipper operation first – before I try it on! Mom was right.


    • I was just gobsmacked when I saw that button – this is a complicated dress to get in and out of! Hee. Also, that is the best piece of clothing advice I have heard – I need to remember that! I’ve never had an experience quite like yours (the zombie allusion is perfect, I can totally picture that), but I have had some nightmarish ones, too. But now I will perform a zipper pre-check – and keep my eye out for extraneous buttons while I’m at it!


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