29 June 2012: Dressy

I love this dress – I’ve worn it for years, at many different sizes, and it always looks great.

Coldwater Creek dress, Sketchers wedges

I do need to figure out new ways of styling it, though.

This weekend, I finally got the urge to pull out my sewing machine and take in a bunch of things, including 5 skirts, some cardigans and some tops. Some of the skirts were a challenge due to pockets or patterns. This plaid one was both:

What do you guys think? Wearable? I didn’t mean to take it in on a front seam, and I’m kind of baffled as to how that happened. But it did, probably because I was focused on the challenge of pockets on the sides and a zipper in the back and diagonal plaids.

I am super happy to have so many skirts back in commission, though – I’d been trying to pin them for years, but it looked pretty bad. Now the waists fit me!


2 thoughts on “29 June 2012: Dressy

  1. I’d wear super bright shoes & bangles with the dress. I’m kinda a dork when it comes to wearing dresses in that I try to not wear heels – ever.
    I know dresses & heels seem to go together but heels & my comfort just don’t jive. So I’d wear something like my my fun bright red Merrell Barefoot Pure’s ( http://www.zappos.com/merrell-barefoot-pure-glove) & a few simple wrap bracelets to jive up the dress but not overwhelm it.
    I didn’t even notice the center seam on your skirt till you mentioned it. If it helps – I’ve done the exact same thing once with a super expensive fabric that I was so scared of messing up. Turns out I cut 4 back panels instead of 2 front & 2 back panels. Argh the humanity!


    • Oh, I like that idea! I will definitely give that a whirl next time I pull this out, thanks.

      And I’m glad it wasn’t noticeable – I was hoping that the natural folds of the skirt would mask it. Also, yes, that is entirely something I would do! No matter how many times I would look it over, boom. It’s why it occasionally takes me a few weeks to steel my nerves enough to turn on the sewing machine, hee.


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