13, 14, 15 July 2012: Retro Fun

I’ve been too hot and tired for regular blogging, blah. Here’s hoping for an improvement.

Gap cargo dress, Me Too ballerina flats

Posh Frock Friday, nice and cool for a day off and lunch with friends.

Sweet Pea tunic, Old Navy Flirt skinny capris, Coldwater Creek necklace, Bass Glenbrook saddle shoes

Monterey Bay peasant top, Anthropologie Odonata Culottes, Sketchers sandals

My friend sent me a new pin curl tutorial, and I gave it a whirl. It’s so hard to tell if my skills are lacking, my hair is resistant, or if it’s a combination of both! But hey, at least it’s volume. I tried a setting gel, but it just made my hair more slick and harder to curl, bah.

I am thrilled that the culottes fit much better than they have in the past, though.


2 thoughts on “13, 14, 15 July 2012: Retro Fun

  1. …..anyone who can wear a tunic & not look pregnant scores big points in my book! I gave up on tunics years ago once I realized I was getting the “we didn’t know you were due” looks.


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