19 July 2012: Sunshine

I require sunshine today, in one form or another.

Anthropologie Melora dress, Me Too ballerina flats, H&M belt (from another dress), Forever 21 British phone booth necklace, Mickey Mouse glitter barettes, Tardis beaded bracelet

I meant to mix up the styling this time with different shoes, but instead just added more red elements. I like it. I’m going to a bookshop tonight to get my copy of Chris Colfer’s kids book signed, and I needed something that would be cool and comfortable for standing with 400+ people, and this dress and these shoes fit the bill.

Edited to add: he was a delight and complimented my dress! And then spent several seconds going through various colors it could be – orange, orangish, yellow, orangey-yellow, etc. He’s a boy. These things are bewildering. But he gets points for recognizing a great dress when he sees one! See his outfit here: More Plaid.


3 thoughts on “19 July 2012: Sunshine

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