20 July 2012: Lazy + “guest” post

I lacked energy or effort this morning, plus the heat wave broke and it was a lovely cool 80 today. Jeans it is.

Anthropologie Flutter Hem tee, Old Navy Flirt skinny capris, Sketcher wedges

Basic and comfortable but cute. And trendy. That bit was unintentional.

Last night’s book signing was crowded but fun – Chris Colfer is a total sweetheart, who really worked to make everyone have a great interaction. Also, he loved my dress, which demonstrates that he has excellent taste. Even if he couldn’t quite figure out what color it was. No one’s perfect.

For the record, since this is a style blog, this is what he wore:

19 July 2012: More Plaid

Blue/pink plaid shirt, white undershirt, black jeans, obi style token cuff, black sneakers

The shirt showed way more pink up close – all the pictures from the event make it look mostly blue. Unbuttoned plaid shirts showing the undershirt seem to be his uniform for the tour – easy to pack and go?


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