Dressing Room: Ugh

This anthro store had more sale items than new items, and not a lot of either. SO SAD. I only saw a handful of items from the new arrivals page in store, and a lot of it felt so dark and autumnal. Not fun for July.

I remain on my quest for shorts, but I feel like I’m just going to have to give up after this. I had pinned my hopes on the Pilcro Denim Rollups, because all review mentioned them fitting thigh, but alas. Nope. I tried on three sizes:

30: fits waist, nowhere else

31: Fits hips and maybe thighs, but don’t look good.

32: Plenty of room for thighs, can’t keep them up.

Cut-offs forever. Sigh.

I can’t find this skirt via Google or anything, rats. It was $29 on sale. It looked adorable on the hanger, but poofy and fairy dress up on me. Total bummer.

Gust Striped Chemise in white, medium. I loved this – it felt so soft and lovely (jersey), was super comfortable and draped perfectly. Mad love. But alas, this is the back:

So cute! So not work appropriate! Although props for covering the bra entirely. I don’t have any back cut-out tops, but I’d been thinking that the style could work with a contrast color camisole under it, to make it work appropriate. Unfortunately, the only thing I had to test that was the white tank:

Clearly not a winner. But maaaaaaaaaaaaybe with a lower cut and narrow camisole? Thoughts?

Vinca Minor dress, in medium. I wanted to love this dress – if it worked, I was ready to bring it home with me. I adore the blue and the lace, and it’s a great silhouette. The bodice has the solid blue lining, and the skirt is something of a plaid. And you can’t tell me this isn’t like wearing a Tardis:

The Tardis is totally peeking out.

But, unfortunately, it wasn’t great. It’s three layers: a petticoat, the blue lining and the outer netting. Both the petticoat and outer netting are scratchy and both irritate the skin. (The outer netting is longer than either of the inner layers.) It also didn’t lie right on me and made me so wide. So it looked bad and it felt bad, and I was never able to tie the back up anyway:


There are SO MANY cute dresses on the site right now (Colorblocked Shirtdress! Ink-Set Blooms Dress!) and none of them were there. Woe. I have to get back soon – I have a giftcard and it wants to be used!


2 thoughts on “Dressing Room: Ugh

  1. I bought my first pair of shorts this summer for wearing out on the sailboat. I never wear shorts & can’t remember the last time I have knowingly worn shorts (workout bike style “shorts” notwithstanding).
    Anyways, I had no idea what store to buy shorts – but since I adore J.Crew, I thought I would start there. I went to the J.Crew Factory Outlet store first & tried on a pair of 3″ inseam chino shorts in my usual J.Crew skirt size. Oh my. Too tight & short! Next I tried on a pair of khaki-colored 5″ inseam chino in 1 size larger than my usual J.Crew skirt size & those shorts fit just fine & look kinda cute! I ended up buying khaki & poppy red. I then went to the regular J.Crew store but found the shorts there didn’t fit or flatter no matter the size or length – the material felt too thick & cumbersome as compared to the lighter weight fabric of the J.Crew Factory shorts.
    For giggles, I then went to Old Navy & The Gap – but didn’t like anything at either store.
    So have you tried J.Crew’s shorts?

    As far as Anthro’s cothing is concerned…….Man I want to love that store, but there is always something too weird with each item I try enough to deter me. Either a dress is cute in the front but too revealing in the back or a skirt looks adorable on the hanger but looks dowdy on me or a top fits in the shoulders (I got linebacker shoulders) but hangs loosely everywhere else.

    I’ve found that if you try to convince yourself that a Anthro dress will work if you just wear a belt, or a camisole/tank or whatever other fix you can think of at the time – you’ll end up never wearing that dress when it’s all said & done. Never beat a dress (skirt, etc) to fit or paint it to match. Better to wait for a dress you really love to spend your paycheck on!


    • Ooh! I haven’t hit JCrew Factory yet, but there’s one quite close to my parents; I’ll definitely give it a whirl. I’ve tried Gap, Old Navy, Eddie Bauer Outlet, Target and Anthro so far, I think. I don’t know if my shape has just changed so much in the last few years or I started caring more, but I never had this problem before.

      Anthro is a totally quirky place, it’s true. And because they sell a large variety of designers, sizing is inconsistent. I find that the ones that I never would have expected to work at all, work best. But you’re right, trying to plan modifications to make something wearable never, ever works. Sigh.


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