31 July and 1 August 2012: Summery

I love the color of this dress, although it’s sometimes hard to wear, but I think the length is problematic.

Jones New York shirtdress, unknown pendent necklace, Gap flower headband, Biviel t-strap heels

I wanted to wear my new white sandals, but it pushed it over into total Lucy Ricardo territory. Not my aim of the day.

Gap camisole, anthropologie Lido Light skirt, Eddie Bauer blouse, LifeStyle Yen sandals, unknown beaded necklace

I think I might have strayed old lady style in these sandals, too. Rats. Maybe it’s just my mindset, I’ll keep trying.

Jane requested a better shot of the other new sandals:

Two inch cork wedges, super comfortable and easy to walk on. But are the colors/braids better suited to an old lady? Tell me true, because I think I can still return them.


3 thoughts on “31 July and 1 August 2012: Summery

  1. Love love love the pink dress on you – the length is fabulous on you as well. Why do you think the length is problematic to begin with? It looks as if it hits you right below the knee – which is a super flattering length.
    Thanks for a better shot of your sandals. I dig the cork heel. They do look really comfy & easy to walk on. I say keep ’em because something made you like them enough to buy them to begin with & finding comfy shoes is so darn tough anyways. Yeah, the color & straps are kinda old lady-ish……but….having comfy shoes that fit matters quite a bit. BUT….if you don’t really love them & you doubt you’ll reach for those first, second or third..then it’s always better to hold out for a better pair! So there ya go – clear as mud eh!


    • Hmm hmm hmm. I guess I feel like the skirt is maybe an inch or so too long? Or maybe I think that because it’s so voluminous, which didn’t quite show through in the picture. I love the color, but it’s a whole lot of bright to wear all over – sometimes I have to gear myself up to be that noticeable, you know?

      Maybe I just need to embrace the old-ladyness of them and choose to rock it. I need brown sandals and Karey has a point that they could look cute with pedal pushers. I need to play with styling so I get used to them and they become a go to.


  2. I’m with Jane. The dress length looks fantastic on you! Other than saying, try those sandals with clam diggers or pedal pushers instead, I shall stay quite clear of the shoe discussion. As you know, in general my thoughts on shoes are ‘yuck’. 😉


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