16 and 17 August 2012: Still Cold

I know it’s a ridiculous title, but it is.

Snow White tee, Maurice’s skirt, Me Too ballerina wedges

This wasn’t actually what I started out wearing. I had on today’s outfit yesterday. And then I was home sick, in pajamas. And then I had to get back to work, and the layers of the original outfit felt too exhausting. Which, you know. Wow. Lazy. Anyway, I have a habit of tucking most things in to show off my waist and used this opportunity to remind myself that I don’t always have to do that.

H&M twofer skater dress, Victoria’s Secret Leggings, Ann Taylor Loft cropped cardigan (thrifted), enamel pin (vintage), sweater clip (Etsy), Hap flower headband, Mia Paphos flats

See, layers. So I tried again today. With new shoes!

I love my LL Bean black flats, but they were old and falling apart. I got these from Amazon, and I think they’re cute. They feel a little rubbery inside, which is interesting, but I love the buckle details.

Also! My mother sent me this blog post about Gap and Old Navy jeans being Mom Jeans.

And now I feel I will be spending the weekend taking photos of me in my Gap and Old Navy jeans, trying to see if they look Mom on my backside. I think I am safe, because I have a different body build than she does, but eek. Here’s the deal: some of you don’t know me, but some of you love me. I beg all of you: if I ever wear something that looks Mom or just in general looks bad, please tell me!

Meanwhile, I am quite curious to try on some of these other jean brands now.


5 thoughts on “16 and 17 August 2012: Still Cold

  1. Flats. They are always so darn cute & I find myself oohing & aahing over them.
    Then I put them on my feet & all hell breaks out.
    I got normal feet. No extra lumps, no weird boney outgrowths. I even have straight toes fergoodnesssakes.
    I just don’t understand why flats & my feet are so incompatible.

    Well the Mia flats are adorable & not at all Mom-jean looking either!


  2. Whoa! Just read the Mom jean thing….holy mackarel! I’ve NEVER wver never never ever been able to wear a pair of Gap or Old Navy jeans without looking as if I have the most bizarre shaped lower body ever known to planet Earth. I feel vindicated now!


    • Ha! Now it all makes sense – apparently those brands are evil for many people! I’m happy to be a conduit for your vindication. 😉 It was an interesting read.

      And I’m very sorry that flats don’t love you back! Bodies are weird, man. There’s just no predicting sometimes.


  3. Long and lean Gap jeans used to be my favorite! I still like them a lot too. I wear what I like tho. I don’t think those jeans were that bad on her. I am a mom though. I guess it’s all downhill from here!!! I did just get a heck of a deal on Seven jeans tho…or 7 FAM as she called them 🙂 I got them on Amazon, who knew? Fit great right out of the package and $89 off the original purchase price. Oh yeah!

    I LOVE those flats. Super cute. I might have to steal those. I need a cute pair to go with my new black skinny jeans I got from (DUH DUH DUH) The Gap! (cue horror movie scream here)


    • They were my favorite, too! I still have several pair from before they changed shape. I always thought they looked fine on me, but now I’m curious!

      Ooh, that is an amazing deal! I’ve never really shopped around for jeans – I wore Lee until college when I got a hand-me-down pair of Calvin Kleins I fell in love with, then Gap and Old Navy. I should experiment more and see what’s out there.

      Thanks! I put the link up in the post, but they are here for the steal: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0060MCB72/ref=oh_details_o02_s00_i00

      Brave lady, with your scary Gap skinnies. 😉


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