18 – 20 August 2012: UGH

Friends, this weekend started off fine and ended…not. My face shows the progression well.

Gap tank, Unknown skirt, Victoria’s Secret leggings, Gap hoodie, Converse, grandfather’s hat

It was the 10th anniversary of my grandfather’s death, so I put on some Elvis (his favorite) and did some dancing. I also pulled out one of his hats for the shot – he always teased me by putting his hat on me when he’d come over.

When I got in bed at midnight, playing one last game of Drop 7 on my iPad, I heard a noise. I aimed the iPad at the wall – roach. UGH. I tried to get it, I failed, I lost it, I barricaded the room and eventually managed to fall asleep fully covered by a sheet in the living room after 4am.

Gap tank, Gap long and lean jeans (cut off), Gap striped fuzzy sleep socks, athletic shoes, grumpy face of someone who had to leave the house in whatever she didn’t have in barricaded in the bedroom to go buy Raid and bleach for drains

Sunday, my uncle came out, we pulled everything out in my bedroom on the hunt, and he found a dead one under my bed. I sprinkled diatomaceous earth everywhere. I made him pull everything out of my clothes closet and then my hall/craft closet as well. No signs.

I went to hang up my hoodie at 11, exhausted from four hours of sleep the night before, but still anxious and thinking, “This craft room is the only room I’ve never seen a roach. Maybe I should sleep here tonight!” And then I saw the roach.

All hail Raid, the best product of all time. I had opened my front door so I could flee if it flew at me. Instead, I killed it quickly and crouched there, randomly spraying at it in fear that it was just stunned until a neighbor walked by and disposed of it for me. I eventually managed to fall asleep around 1:30 or 2.

American Eagle dress, Ann Taylor Loft cardigan (thrifted), bleach stain due to trying to make my drains inhospitable, Juicy Couture choker, Biviel t-strap heels

And now my much loved cardigan is stained. UGH AUGH ICK. I’m also running on little sleep two days in a row, back at work, and flinching at every real and imagined sound. I may never sleep again. Who knows what else is around? Anyway, I had no brain power this morning and went with a dress that didn’t require much matching ability on my part. Sigh.


2 thoughts on “18 – 20 August 2012: UGH

    • I know. 😦 New pest company coming in this afternoon, and my building manager is going to text me to come over after they’ve checked the building to do my apartment specially. So we’ll see how it goes.


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