11 September 2012: EveryBody Get Ready for School

Another month, another Everybody, Everywear! This month we are going back to school. The iTouch photo makes me sad, but I hope to update all of these pics with real camera ones this weekend or next week. I am that close to a final move!

Gap tank top, Forever 21 plaid skirt, H&M cardigan in navy, H&M beaded collar necklace, Aerosole wedges

Back to school always means plaid for me, and the debut of a necklace I bought last spring on my birthday and hadn’t found the right outfit for! It’s back in the 80s for me, so bare legs and pushed up sleeves it is. This skirt remains one of my favorite purchases of 2011 – it’s so cute, comfortable and twirly.

Move wise, 95% of my things are out, furniture is going tomorrow, and then it’s down to books, DVDs and little things scattered about that I won’t remember until there’s nothing else in there. I am bruised, sore and exhausted, but starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel!!

Back To School | Everybody, Everywear


5 thoughts on “11 September 2012: EveryBody Get Ready for School

  1. Uggh moving. You know what I loathe more than moving?
    Buying a car.
    Which probably explains why I’m still driving my same 17 year old car.
    Not to be cold & callous, but man oh man do I not envy you having to move.


    • Ha! They are both terrible. My car is 16 years old, too – I do not want to think about the day I need to replace it, ugh.

      I don’t wish moving on anyone. I don’t understand my friends who do this OFTEN. Of course, I am a sentimental packrat. That makes it harder.


  2. ….btw, I recently consolidated a few of my email addresses which has irritated the WordPress Gods & even Google blogger I noticed. It might show up on your end as a new follower, but it’s still same old me. So to quote one of my fav bands ever…same as it ever was.


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