26 September 2012: So Tired

This has been such a long week. Allergies are bad, I think my co-workers got me sick, and vacating my old apartment isn’t exactly going smoothly. But at least I look cute.

anthropologie settee roses skirt, Gap camisole, BP Nordstrom cardigan, Aerosole wedges

I am defaulting to these shoes because they are super super comfortable even walking to work. But I know I need to branch out. I need to try the pinterest trick of breaking in some of my shoes, as well. Yet another thing to add to my to-do list! Augh!

Don’t mind me, I’ll regain my sanity soon enough!


2 thoughts on “26 September 2012: So Tired

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been having a bad week…but…your outfit is so stinking cute! The white cardigan really helps to bring out the white from the skirt – like kapow! Super cute!
    About stretching your shoes….Are you talking about the bags of water you put in your shoes then freeze? I got a pair of shoes I keep thinking I mght try that method with one of these here days.
    So I gotta ask…how the heck can you stand to leave for work with wet hair? Don’t you live in Coldweatherville? Heck I live in humid & hot coastal SC & I can’t stand to leave my bathroom with wet hair or I start shivering!


    • Hee, thanks! I was happy that it worked so well, since the olive cardigan I often wear with it is still waiting to be ironed.

      This trick is to wear heavy socks, put on the shoes and then blowdry for a few minutes. When they’ve cooled off a bit, take them off and they should keep being molded to your foot. I have shoe stretchers that do the job up at the toebox, but two of my recent pairs have super narrow heels I want to expand. So we’ll see how it goes!

      It’s not that cold right now, but yeah, I’m outside Chicago. It can get bad. But I used to walk for miles in college with wet hair all winter through. I prize sleep over time with a blow dryer! I have no skill or patience with it at all, so I just air dry and wear hats when necessary.


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