28 September 2012: Rainbow

Augh. My old mirror broke – toppled right off the table I had it on. Sigh. So back to the brown corner.

anthropologie fluttered hems top, anthropologie cobbled cords, Merona belt, Aerosoles wedges

Next week, they keep threatening 80s so I wanted to wear these pants at least once while I still could! And I really am wearing all the colors of the rainbow: the pants are red, yellow, green and blue, the shirt is orange and my hair is purple.

I have such a hard time with these shoes. They either feel catholic school or Michael Jackson, so I have a lot of difficulty in styling them. I spent a lot of time in front of the mirror this morning, trying to decide if I thought this was a bad outfit because it was bad, or because it was just different from my usual aesthetic. I went with just different, and I hope I wasn’t wrong! I kind of feel like I am half Kurt Hummel, half Blaine Anderson here, but that’s not technically bad.

Also! Just look what I picked up from the tailor at lunch:

Essie’s Heart Fashionable in the Fog coat, via Modcloth

I had pinned this to my pinterest in August or so, my mom saw it, and my parents surprised me with it the last time I went up to visit them. I am so madly in love with it. The swish of the skirt is gorgeous. I had to have a tailor put in a new zipper because the one it came with was tiny and fragile and ill-suited, and broke the first time I tried it on, but now it’s perfect. I can’t wait for autumn to come back!!


7 thoughts on “28 September 2012: Rainbow

  1. The coat is adorable! So cool of your folks to surprise you with it! I’ve never bought anything from ModCloth, I’ve come close but there always seems to be something just not spot on with everything I considered buying – kinda like your great coat ….but with the crummy zipper.
    You cracked me up with the Michael Jackson reference. I got a pair of black Bass Weejuns that I adore but everytime I wear them I can’t stop thinking that I’m channeling John Cougar (Mellencamp) back in his Crumblin’ Down video. I know that’s waay before your time & you probably have no clue who that dude is & now I’m feeling old. Thanks.


    • Isn’t it?? I’m so excited. I love browsing Modcloth, but I only own one other skirt I got on sale. There’s always something stopping me from buying.

      Hee! I know John Cougar Mellancamp! I don’t know that particular video, but I always loved watching Jack and Diane on Pop Up Video in the 90s. 😉 It’s funny how some items of clothing just seem to belong to someone, even years later.


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