1 October 2012: Color

We have hit that weird point of the season where it’s cold in the morning and not on the way home – which I haven’t really had to deal with in the past few years. I’d just, you know, run across the street instead of walking. It worked. So there’s a bit of figuring things out going on, hee.

anthropologie loosened shelby blouse, Old Navy lace skirt, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Me Too ballerina flats

Like this outfit went through about four different iterations before landing here. I probably could have gone with tights. But wearing a jacket, the walk wasn’t bad at all, so yay. Part of the problem is that I’m all blistery after walking 3+ miles downtown on Saturday in heels, so I needed flats. Yeah, yeah, my own fault. Noted.
But the big excitement I had today was finding out that my much loved Sequined Migration skirt went on sale today – and I already had plans to hit the mall on Saturday! I have earned that skirt (half off on the first cut! Yay!) after the hell of moving that just.won’t.end. I am still playing phone tag with management to get the loose ends tied up. This skirt will make me feel so much better!


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