Anthropologie Sale!

One of my coworkers moved to LA this summer. She’s a huge anthro fan and we’d always have a great time talking shopping on the reference desk, but we never went shopping together. Such a missed opportunity! She was in town this weekend and we took a few hours to hit anthro, Lush and the new Madewell store that neither of us had seen before. It was so much fun, and I’m so sad we missed out while she still lived here!

But I am not sad about the clothes I tried on.

Slanted Openwork Pullover in green

I love the idea of this sweater, but this was just too boxy. Sigh. This is a medium, so true to size.

Veda Skirted Tee

I’d had my eye on this via the website for awhile. It’s such an interesting mix of girly peplum and traditionally boyish tee. The grey motif actually reminded my friend and I lot of a baseball uniform. I loved this, and I loved the fit and how it showed off my shape. But I cannot condone the seams on the chest. I’m not usually put off by having my chest called attention to, but this was just too much – I didn’t feel comfortable wearing it at work! Seriously, it’s like IMAX effects. So it sadly had to stay behind. This is a medium, so true to size.

Prunus Brocade Skirt

This is the most gorgeous color and pattern I’ve seen in a long time. So rich and luxurious. So…stiff. I mean, yes, brocade. So you kind of get the idea. But who wants a skirt that turns hips into huge, angular hips? Unless you’re modeling an avante garde challenge on Project Runway, this had to be a no. Size 6, true to size.

Tangerine Panels shell

I’d never seen this before! But it’s so cute. It has a great shape to the waist on its own, which perfectly skims mine. It’s a great autumn color and very versatile – jeans, cords, pencil skirts, any number of tops underneath, etc. (Yeah, it went home with me, can you tell?) So cute. I love sales.

Sequined Migration Miniskirt

And the reason I went there in the first place! I am so excited that I still loved it. I can’t wait to wear this Downtown with Meg for our Christmas window shopping excursion and all winter long. I had tried on a 6 last time, which I was confident I had grabbed this time, but it’s actually a 4. And it fit perfectly, so hurrah? Check sizes and maybe size down, I guess.

Ruched Dragonfly Dress from Hi There Karen Walker (Made in Kind)

This was on a cart in the dressing room, and I had to try it on. It’s so 1940s, I love dragonflies and I love Karen Walker. My friend and the saleslady were over the moon about it on me and I loved it, too. But it was too expensive, and now I’m eyeing the photos more critically.



6 thoughts on “Anthropologie Sale!

  1. You are the only person I know who can pull off the tangerine color! That crochet panel top is adorable on you!
    I love the birds on the mini skirt as I am a bird nerd (I have 2 pet parrots). If that skirt were about 6 inches longer & in navy – I’d be all over that.
    Anyways, fun you & your old co-worker got to hit the stores!
    Hey, you didn’t happen to try on the colorblocked long-sleeve tee thats featured on Anthro’s home page did you?
    I saw it on Roxy (EA) in one of her posts & it looked super cute but kinda sheer.


    • Orange is such a hard color to wear – I avoided it for years. But man, anthro comes out with some cute orange things!

      I didn’t see those to try on, which is a shame, because they looked cute, especially the grey and turquoise ones.. My store was mostly sale racks, though. It looks like some of the colors are more sheer than others, because I noticed a lot of disagreement on that front in the site reviews.


      • I think the sheerness is a no go for me. I am however taking into consideration the green sweater you have on in this post. While it looks like something I could accidently destroy with my inherant clumsiness…the color & creativity of the weave pattern is really looking cool.


    • Ooh, awesome! If you get it, let me know how you like it. I’m keeping my eye on it for a second cut, I think. It really is interesting…and from what I remember, pretty sturdy. At least there were no tags with recommendations to keep it away from jewelry, like there was on the tangerine panels!

      As for sheerness, I really wish they’d do away with it. So hard to workably wear!


  2. I’m glad you got the skirt you love, and I also love the last dress. My only other comment is about the IMAX top. If you’ve got ’em, flaunt ’em.


    • Me toooooooo. I’m so glad I still loved it. I’m really excited for it.

      And ha! That is often my way of thinking, too. But seriously. IMAX. Even I was surprised by the boob action in that top.


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