17 and 18 October 2012: Hmm

I’m not quite sure where either of these outfits went. Yesterday’s was half girly, today’s is more than half 50s greaser. I think I maybe like them?


JCrew white tissue tee, Old Navy Rockstar jeans, anthropologie twirled tee, JCrew beaded necklace, Bass Heritage boots

For some reason, when I layer short sleeves over long, I feel 80s. The grey jeans just added to that. I’m not sure where this came from – Jem, maybe? I wonder if I am subconsciously imitating a Jem outfit when I do this. Must research. It’s not like I watched all that much TV in the 80s. General Hospital, Square One and Jem were really my faves. But still – I like the grey jeans. I thought they were tighter than they actually are, but I feel super comfortable in them.

Forever 21 striped tee, Old Navy Rockstar Pop Color jeans, Gap boyfriend cardigan, Bass saddle shoes

The fact that Blaine and Kurt are my only style guides for red pants is going to be a problem soon, I think. I need to do more searching on pinterest. I just knew I wanted to wear saddle shoes, and then I remembered I had brand new hidden socks that I could wear with shoes and not just ballet flats and it spiraled. At least I redid my hair so it doesn’t look quite so male-pompadour-ish.


Also, quelle horror, I pop up in a google image search for Blaine Glee red pants. Eeek.


4 thoughts on “17 and 18 October 2012: Hmm

  1. Ok, so I could use some jeans buying advice.
    The last time I bought a pair of jeans was….are you sitting down?……was in 2000. Like the new millennium year 2000.
    Today I own a total of 0 pairs of jeans. Zero.
    It just worked out that way. I’d wear scrub pants to work then skirts on my off time & slowly the few pairs of jeans I did own just migrated to Goodwill. So by my best guesstimates, the last time I actually wore a pair of jeans was….hrmmm….probably in 2003 because that’s when I ruined the pair I had bought in 2000 when we installed a sprinkler system.
    SoooOoooo, fast forward to today & I’m totally digging all the colored cords & skinny jeans out there….but I keep hearing that all these type jeans sag in the keister or get loose as the day goes on. Is this true? Is it becuase of the spandex? Also, where’s the best options for jeans? Old Navy? Gap? What about the bloggers who are shelling out nearly $200 for a pair of jeans?? Are those jeans “better” somehow? I swear I just can’t fathom that.


    • Jeans are hard! I love wearing jeans now, but it took years to find the right brands for me. Like seriously, I was 20 before I found a brand and style that didn’t make me feel bad. Which I understand is not super helpful. *grin*

      I personally love Old Navy jeans – they’re cheap, but since they’re trendy, I know I won’t need them more than a year or two, and if I do, easy to rebuy! They are stretchy, yes. A lot more jeans brands are right now, which is a total pain. I find the size that fits and buy one lower to accommodate that, and it usually works out fine.

      The first brand I ever found that I loved were a pair of Calvin Kleins that my college roommate gave me when she lost weight. Then I moved into Gap. Then they changed styles and fits and I’m in Old Navy. I’ve tried on $150 jeans and haven’t noticed any fit differences from my cheaper brands. Maybe they would wear better in the long run? but I still have Gap and Old Navy jeans I’ve been wearing for years with no problems, so I can’t really imagine laying down that much on one pair of pants.

      Awhile back, I linked to a blogger who gave photo proof that Gap and ON had unflattering Mom Jeans. So interesting, because that’s not my experience. But that’s due to my body shape. I’m lucky that they are cheap and flattering. I’m super curious to try some of the other brands she mentioned – Seven, I think? http://www.graspingforobjectivity.com/2012/07/gap.html

      So, all this blather boils down to: try on a ton of different brands. Look at bloggers with your rough proportions and start with what they wear, if you like how it looks on them. And honestly, I’d start cheap, especially if you don’t wear them often! Gap and Gap Outlet have totally different jean styles available, which is something to keep in mind, too. For awhile, I loved the Premium Skinnys that were only available at the Outlets.

      Yay jeans! Let me know how the trying on goes and what you find.


  2. I wore a short sleeve shirt over a long sleeve one today. That’s actually how the shirt was displayed so if it’s 80’s, then it’s back. I agree that Jeans are hard. You need to try on lots of them.


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