6 November 2012: I Moted!

You might notice I am wearing two stickers. I did, of course, vote this morning, as my civic duty. I also MOted this afternoon as my librarian duty – my Library ran an election for favorite Mo Willems characters. Our candidates were Elephant/Piggie, Pigeon/Duckling and Trixie/Knuffle Bunny. I am proud to have cast my vote for Elephant Gerald and Piggie. With a name like Elephant Gerald (named after Mo’s favorite singer), how could I not?

Country Shops cashmere sweater, Old Navy Rockstar jeans, Gap boyfriend sweater, crystal necklace, Liz Claibourne boots, I Voted and  I MOted stickers

I had a fantastic weekend away with about a dozen friends – we are in a kind of book club for Betsy-Tacy fans. Many of us are librarians, which leads to photos like this when we come across card catalogs in the wild:

Okay, not so wild – it’s true, our first stop was the local library. There was also a used bookstore involved. And a LOT of food, hee. We know what counts in life.

Now I am anxiously awaiting my sushi delivery while watching CNN on TV and BBC on the internet! Election return night is my favorite night. I’m such a geek.


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