9 and 10 November: Autumnal

It’s back into the 60s! I mean, yay, but come on. The local Lite Rock station switched to Christmas, as did 95% of the stores in the mall. I like it, but I think I like Monday’s projected 37 better. Until February. Then it can be in the 60s again.

Colwater Creek sweater, Old Navy Rockstar jeans, unknown choker, handknit hairband, MIA flats

I kind of really, really love how this outfit turned out and I don’t think my photo does it justice. It was cool, comfy and seasonally appropriate. And used the red jeans without Gleeful inspiration. WIN.

I got the flats a few months ago, but never really talked about them. They rubbed against the back of my heel too much and I feared they were a waste of money. I tried a pinterest trick, though – put on heavy socks and aimed a hairdryer at the problem spots, then let it cool down over the sock before removing. It worked! The shoe is wider and the back less rubby. Still not perfect, though – now it’s painful near the toe box, and I still had to put on some blister gel in the morning. But it only needed the one application, and I can always pull out the hair dryer again. Or try the gel by the toebox, hmmm…..

Anthropologie pear halter, Old Navy Sweetheart skinny jeans, Ann Taylor Loft cardigan, Forever 21 phone booth necklace, Sweet 554 mary janes

I headed to the mall today to pick up my holiday bath goodness from Lush – so excited!! I got Father Christmas and Golden Showers bathbombs, Rocket reusaable bubble wand, and a sample of a fir scented Northern Lights soap. I am set for the next few months of baths, hurrah!

I also hit Forever 21, which was surprisingly unbusy for a Saturday, and got a forest green sweater (I’ve been searching for one for literally months) and a super cute peach sweater with black peter pan collar, another style I’ve been searching for for months. And only $25 total! Plus I found adorable tiny hair bows on alligator clips that  I can wear in my hair or as mini-bow ties, ala Jane Bennet in the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. (Best modern adaptation of Jane Austen ever, btw. And I loved Clueless.)

I also walked past a new store that has opened recently.

I know I’ve seen a lot of bad holiday stuff being sold ironically, but WOW. Pretty much everything I could see inside the store was like this. Pretty….impressive.


3 thoughts on “9 and 10 November: Autumnal

  1. You can try the baggie in the freezer trick to widen the toe box of these shoes. Basically you fill just enough water in a Ziploc to fill the toe area of your shoes. Place the water-filled bag inside your shoes & then place your shoes inside an even bigger Ziploc bag. Place your shoes toe-end facing DOWN inside your freezer & wait a day. As the water freezes & thus expands it will evenly & uniformly widen the toe box. Google some vid’s of this to get a better explanation than what I can explain.
    The bad news is that if you over-fill the baggie with water (like trying to make a size 6 shoes turn into a size 8) it can be tough to get out even after it thaws. So just don’t over-fill it.
    I did this after seeing another blogger with the exact same pair of overly expensive flats (TB Eddies) do this with hers. It scared the living daylillies outta me because I expected the shoes to burst at the seams or the water to have leaked out of the baggie & ruin the leather, but it turned out fine. I did run out & buy the best Ziploc baggies I could find, no knock-off’s! Even then I tapes the opened closed as well & arranged it in the shoes thus so to limit leakage possibilities. I darn near drank myself silly during those 24 hours & kept checking the freezer to the point of obsession.
    The shoes are wider in the toe box yes, no they are not the least bit odd-looking from having done that to them, yes they still rub a smidge on one of my toes BUT that’s only if I forget to store them without a pretty good waded-up thing of tissue paper crammed in the toe box area. I’m strongly considering trying the freezer thing again with just that 1 shoe. I do remember having that one filled with a little less water & suspect that’s the issue.
    Otherwise, never been to Lush but have seen a zillion bloggers gushing over the products. Must check this out now!
    Btw, super cute Mary Jane’s! My fav shoes still (aside from flip flops).


    • Huh, interesting! I think I’ll give that a try – easier to concentrate just on that one part of the shoe instead of all of it. Thanks!

      Lush is amazing! I used to use their face wash Angels on Bare Skin as well as shampoos, but now I live farther away and it’s harder to get there regularly enough. But I still use their bath products, soap and moisturizer. My place smells amazing after using anything from them.


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