13 November 2012: Boots!

I checked my feed at lunch and saw that this month’s Every body, Every wear had been announced…and then I realized it was today. Luckily, the theme is boots, and I was wearing boots. Excellent.

Miss Chievous tunic dress, Gap camisole, Hue leggings, Gap boyfriend cardigan, American Apparel otk socks, beaded necklace, Forever 21 hairbow, Bass Heritage boots

I also realized that I’ve already worn this outfit this season! I generally try not to repeat things, but my mind must have been elsewhere. I even though, “You know, I usually wear grey under this – let’s go black!” Except I apparently thought that last time, too, when I wore the same black tank and leggings. At least I accessorized it differently.

I meant to go to bed early last night, but then I saw that friends were commenting on the snow falling, and according to the Weather Channel, it was going to hit me by 10:45. Hell with sleep! I love snow, and I especially love the first snow of the year. I was so excited to go out and snap some pictures and get rosy cheeks. And twirl. There was twirling. Check back later for my snow-inspired manicure, too. 🙂

Boots | Everybody, Everywear


6 thoughts on “13 November 2012: Boots!

    • I love them! I got them on a huge sale at the Bass outlet and they are super comfy.

      Necklace isn’t new, but I rarely wear it. One of those where I got it for a fancy occasion, and thus it says Fancy Occasion to me, even though it’s just a regular necklace!


  1. Gah! Snow! So so so jealous of you! The few times it ever does “snow” down here is rare & really isn’t snow more than it’s snow-like precipitation. I really miss being around snow. Don’t get me wrong, I like it here ok enough, but wouldn’t mind Cold Miser visiting for a few.
    So excited to see your snow-inspired manicure! Sounds fun whatever it is!
    I just received a few pairs of Am Apparel otk socks I had ordered thru Amazon. For some reason a few of the colors were on sale (regularly $13 but on sale for $5) so I snapped up the colors I liked. I checked Amazon again yesterday & the pricing went back up. But re-checked again a few hours later & some different colors had gone down in price again. Worth keeping an eye on fer sure!


    • Snooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww!!! I’m such a snow geek. I can’t quite imagine living in a place with no real snow. When I visit Florida or Texas in January, I love the reprieve, of course, but as a full time thing? Uh-uh.

      Yes! That’s where I got these. I read this week that Amazon fluctuates prices on items you look at more than once, up or down. Isn’t that interesting? Maybe I’ll keep refreshing until the colors I like are at the price I like!


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