14, 15, 16 November 2012: Catch Up

Sorry for radio silence again! I’ve just been so tired lately, no energy for updating.

Anthropologie Tangerine Panels shell, Gap top, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, Liz CLaibourne boots

I still love this sweater, but I keep hesitating to wear it and I’m not sure why. It’s so cute, but I guess it’s also so loud. I need to just start making myself wear it and see if I get used to it – like my plaid pants.

Gap top, anthropologie Incantation cardigan, Old Navy skirt, Hue tights, Sweet 554 Mary Janes

Always and forever, mad love for this cardigan.

Gap sweater, Eddie Bauer button down, Old Navy color rockstar jeans, Express bow necklace, Aerosole wedges

I love how this one came together – I’ve never really played with the sweater over button down look before, but this is a fun way to do it.

There are two items from anthro that I’ve been thinking about since I walked through last week – Blomma Cross Stitched Skirt and Intarsia Bow cardigan in navy. Of course, I didn’t try either of them on, but I’m still pining. I saw the cardigan on a local librarian at a conference awhile back and loved it immediately. I am less in love with the puffballs of the skirt, but it’s so gorgeously winter!! Come on sale time, come to mama.


8 thoughts on “14, 15, 16 November 2012: Catch Up

  1. I got the Intarsia bow sweater in navy & LOVE it! I also bought the Fair Isle sweater too. Yeah, I try not to buy stuff at full price (I did get free shipping though) but I really digged those 2 items & was super afraid they would sell out in my size long before they even reached a sale.
    Kinda put a big dent in my monthly wardrobe budget, but I got 2 sweaters I really love & will get some seriously good cost-per-wear outta them.
    I’m stalking the bow sweater in grey in case that one goes on sale though. Usually I’m not keen on grey but with the green bow – it’s pretty doable.
    BTW, I saw a lady wearing the cross stitch skirt the other day. She had on a fitted red sweater, creamy-colored scarf with matching pompom’s like the skirt has, dark gray tights, black Hunter boots & cream otk socks. She looked adorable!


    • Oooh, awesome!! I love the fair isle one, too. Is the bow sweater pretty true to size?

      That sounds like such a cute outfit!! I really need to go try that skirt on and see if it works for me.


      • I’d say yes – the bow sweater is TTS. I’m a medium in sweaters, but tend to size up to a large with cardigans so I can wear a top underneath & still be to do things like breathe freely.
        But, having said that, I knew I would be wearing a fitted cami style tank top &/or a fitted long-sleeve tee (J.Crew Perfect Fit’s or Gap Fav tee) so I didn’t need to size up to a large unless the reviews said otherwise. But the Anthro reviewers all said the bow cardigan was really stretchy & even a smidge big – so I went with a medium & am super glad I did! Any larger & it would be shlumpy looking.

        Mch cuter IRL & looks awesome with the cardi buttoned only at the top so the bow “tails” form an inverted “v” – so so so cute!


  2. the tangerine panel shell is cute. I wonder how it would look with your peachy shawl, it’s got some similar lines in it. I’m not sure if the color would go together or not without holding them up tho!
    I’m digging the incantation cardigan, too. the swooshey-ness factor is cool 🙂
    obviously, I must have a thing for anthro, too. when my health plan comes together, I think skinny-Kristine will need to shop there 😉


    • I don’t think the orange shade is right for the shawl, but it looked fab with my peachy dotty skirt – pictures this weekend. 🙂 I got a ton of compliments and sent them off to your store.

      Swooshy is so fun! And it dresses up jeans so easily. Anthro is a delight, you will have so much fun shopping there. Ooh, you should go play with their aprons, a lot of them seem super Kristine-y to me!


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