Happy Thanksgiving!

I was totally going to post this weeks’ outfits last night, but then I went to bed at 8pm. I finally feel human, first time all month, so score! But that means no pictures until I’m back from my parents’ Friday night.

Hope you all have a merry Thanksgiving! Definitely a way merrier one than Barbie/Midge/?? is having right there, for sure.


5 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your from me & mine!

    We are going to see my family. My mom told us that this year she wants to do “something different” & has been super cryptic & super secretive about it.
    Ah geez.
    My Mom & “something different” can mean a lot of things.
    Her only “hints” have been (& I quote her directly):
    baby plates & wrappers.
    Oh geez.


  2. LOL, My Mom is a kook! God love her for it too!
    The hint she gave us was “baby plates & wrappers”, but she misspelled wrappers. She actually meant “rappers”…but she got that wrong too & really meant “hip hop music moguls”.
    She ended up making Cornish game hens because she saw a tv commercial that tickled her.



  3. Yah they were ok. Too much work though. Lots of fidgety little bones & I have a short limit with tinkering around with animal parts. I can put a hurting on baby back ribs – quick & easy to eat without much interaction with what used to be a pig.
    But to sit & fuss with all the corny hens parts started to set off my gross-out alarm. I got up from the table a few times to keep from getting weirded out.


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