27 and 28 November 2012: CRUNCH TIME

Total crunch time. t-2 days until I leave for the airport to take me to Disney World at what feels like the crack of dawn to me. I hope to be able to post tomorrow after work, but that’s not a guarantee. I had arranged to check out a mac laptop from work to bring with me, but that fell through due to bad organization on their part. (Boo!!!!) So I’m probably going to be sharing my friend’s netbook while we’re there – definitely uploading pictures every night to my Flickr, and hopefully blogging here if I can. (Actually, maybe if I upload the pics on her netbook, I grab them and post from my iPad, thus being able to give her back her computer? Hmm. That could work!)

All of this to say, I’m going to be at the happiest place on earth for 7 days, please don’t forget about me if I go awhile without posting. 😉

Disney Mickey and Minnie striped top, Old Navy skirt, Nordstrom tights, Gap boyfriend cardigan, Bass Heritage boots

Oh, WordPress updated their interface. Fun! Anyway, clearly excited about Disney. Yay!

Dressbarn shirtdress, JCrew Jackie cardigan, tights, Aerosole wedges

Look at this dress! My friend Karey found it and mailed it to me because she thought I’d like it. This is terrible, but its been ready to wear for weeks, I just hadn’t ironed the cardigan. Eep. But man, I love this. It’s like it was sewn just for me. I got so many compliments on it! Check out this waist:

It actually follows my waist! I love it so much. Thank you again, Karey!!

I’ve started walking to work most days, and while it’s just a little more than half a mile, that feels very long with an 11 degree windchill, and we haven’t even hit winter yet! So look at this amazing coat my parents got me for an early Christmas present:

All Lands End sales. I’m not sure how long I can keep anything white, but I LOVE it. A waist! A hood! (I’ve been hoodless the last few years.) A funky ski bunny hat that makes me feel like Kurt Hummel and Brittany Pearce! The matching gloves are super thick and lined and warmer than any I’ve ever had before. And the length means tights aren’t as painful in the wind. What’s not to love??

And now from marshmallow coat to figuring out a wardrobe for a week in the mid-70s! Please feel free to follow along on the trip through Flickr, and hopefully I will keep updating here. Especially the day I DisneyBound as a Princess…


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