3-7 December 2012: Disney World!!!

I am alive! All my good intentions of mobile posting went out the window, as they do. We thought we were going to have naptimes and early evenings with the two year old, but, nope. I spent many nap times in a park, and we were often out to 10pm. We did more dinners at other resorts, which really eats up time via travel.

We had a marvelous time.  I have 800 pics/vids up on Flickr but let’s talk about the really important things: what did I wear?


H&M ruched top, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Forever 21 Phone Booth necklace, with Chef Donald


Gap sweater, Gap boyfriend cardigan, Limited bow necklace,  (Old Navy flirt capris, chucks), at the Epcot tree!


Fez! Because fezzes are cool. In Morocco Pavillion of Epcot. (No lie, one of my favorite pictures of me ever.)


LL Bean shirt, Bennetto mini skirt, JCrew Jackie cardigan, christmas present bow, Limited bow necklace (Victoria’s Secret leggings, red Chucks), at Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom. Yes, I dressed up as Snow White (hipster style) and had my picture taken with her! She loved my bow. I’m just sad this isn’t one of my more attractive shots.


Minnie Ears!


H&M twofer dress, Forever 21 phone booth necklace, Mickey fashion ears (Victoria’s Secret leggings, Chucks), with Mickey and Minnie at the Magic Kingdom


And at Hollywood Studios. Ta da!

The coolest it hit was about 75, and the warmest 83. Funny how quickly that can feel like the norm. What, I was wearing a puffy down coat the week before this? Pah.

This is going to be a crazy week – we shut down the department today through Thursday to rearrange EVERYTHING, so while I have today off, I will likely be wearing jeans and tshirt moving gear the rest of the week. I’m sure I will come up with something to post, though!


3 thoughts on “3-7 December 2012: Disney World!!!

  1. Adorbable! Neato to hear you had a good time. I haven’t been to DL in years.
    My parents went to Europe one summer & I got stuck staying with my crazy Aunt who lived close to DL.
    She would drop me off everyday at DL then drive away leaving me to fend on my own. It sounds a bit harsh now, but really it was pretty cool at the time.
    My parents, however, were not so pleased to hear I was meandering around DL by myself all that time though. LOL
    Anyways, love the photo’s – you look like you had an awesome time!


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