Purple Dresses!

My friend Meg’s wedding got moved up unexpectedly, and now we bridesmaids have been tasked with finding our own purple dresses to wear. It’s not until March, but I’ve already started looking at options. Sadly, anthro does not currently have any purple dresses for sale. But modcloth has one: Grape Kelly. I love it, and could probably rewear it, but the fancy bodice might not work here. There’s a bridesmaid necklace for us to wear.

Then I thought: I can rent the runway! $50 to wear Kate Spade or Nanette Lepore? Whoo! But I am not 100% sold on any of these, either.

Trina Turk’s Portrait of Elegance: Love the lace, but is it too wintery? I mean, who knows what the weather will be like. Or it could be too fancy. (note: it’s knee length on my height.)

Versace’s Purple Power: Too slinky for me. But Versace, dude. I wish.

Milly’s Step into My World: I like it, but I worry the draping will accentuate my hips.

Nanette Lepore’s Feel Pretty: SO pretty. But I worry about tummy poof.

Trina Turk’s Purple Bow: Again, love it, worried about tummy poof.

Kate Spade’s Mademoiselle: Probably likely. I can wear a regular bra, which is nice, I like bows, I know how the brand fits me. I’m not wowed by it, but it’s nice.

Kate Spade’s Grape Soda Pop: I would go with this with great enthusiasm and love if it wasn’t for the cut out in the back. I don’t like those. Apparently regular bras are still a go, so this might win out. But for early March? Hmm.

There’s also a Marc Jacobs dress on eBay that I like a lot, but let’s face it – I don’t go out. It wouldn’t get worn again.

What do you guys think? Where do you guys go for cocktail/wedding dresses? Ruche, Bettie Page and Macy’s online didn’t have anything that really appealed.


7 thoughts on “Purple Dresses!

  1. Have you looked at Nordstroms online? You can do a search there for style dress, color, etc.
    Maggie London dresses are always my go-to choice for dressy-dress stuff. Her stuff is sold at Nordstroms too. Average about $150’s.


    • I will check Nordstrom! I forgot about them, despite always hitting at the local mall. Thanks for the designer rec, too!

      And isn’t it? I do love it a lot. if it just wasn’t for that damn cut out!


  2. I like the Madamosielle, myself. Have you used Rent athe Runway? I am going to a wedding next Friday and am renting a Badgley Mischka (!) for the occasion. I like that you get to order a backup size for no extra charge. Perfect. Now to resist all holiday food temptations between now and then. Wish me luck!


    • I’ve not used it before, but I am super tempted now!! Let me know how it goes, renting wise. I love the idea of affordable designer wear!

      Good luck with the holiday food and the amazing dress!


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