14 December 2012: Sailor Style

Our department move is over, we are back open to the public and the space looks AMAZING. And I can wear skirts again!


Forever 21 sailor top, JCrew pleated skirt, Hue tights, Bass Heritage boots

I am SO excited to have found exactly the sailor top I’ve been searching for, lo these many months. Gosh. Year, even. $18 at Forever 21, love it. It’s got the super cute square back and all. I initially paired it with a pink pencil skirt, but it felt a little stewardess. So I put it with grey and then it looked anime. But it turns out, I like that. I just swapped boots for the ballet flats so I didn’t look quite so cosplay-y. Within minutes of opening, I had someone following me into the department to compliment the look, so whoo! Can’t wait to wear this shirt often.

Tonight, I desperately need to clean. I do not want to, even more than usual! But tomorrow my friend and I are headed into the city for Christmas fun (sparkly gold fishnets are involved, on my part. I’m v excited) and then Sunday a bunch of friends are joining us for my annual cookie baking extravaganza. And then we’re in the countdown to Christmas – I think I’ll do fun holiday/winter recs and links like I did last year. I spent so much time Getting Things Done before Disney that I just have to relax and start letting myself enjoy my favorite holiday season of all.


3 thoughts on “14 December 2012: Sailor Style

  1. LOL about the anime comment. I dig the boot & skirt combo you are wearing in the above pix. It didn’t read anime to me unless you hiked your skirt up under your armpits & wore thigh-high hosiery!


    • Hee! The skirt looks a lot shorter without tights – while I was putting it together, it looked very Sailor Moon!! But I loved the proportions, so I am willing to try it again. Maybe even with the flats. LOL


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