15 December 2012: Holiday Outing!

Last year, after attending a Christmas symphony performance with Meg and being among the 75% wearing red, I declared that green must be worn this year. And so I searched for a green sweater the past few months. Friends, there weren’t really many green sweaters made this year. At all. Turns out it’s next year’s big color, per Pantone, and I guess they were hoarding. But then I found this for $5 on sale at Forever 21, and I was pleased.


Forever 21 epaulette sweater, Anthropologie Sequined Migration miniskirt, Kate Spade gold sparkle fishnet tights, Limited bow necklace, Bass Heritage boots

Love these tights!! I’m going to try sneaking them in at work next week, with a midi skirt. For yes – next week shall be a week devoted to red and green and silver and gold. Just not, you know. Together. Much.

Also! I totally forgot to point out my new glasses yesterday. So pretty.

I also did my nails last night – turns out, I lack neutral colored nail polishes, and dark greens. I did my best – and bought a new green polish this morning, hee. This is already chipping, so I foresee another holiday manicure Monday.


Essie brown, Wet and Wild green, Sinful holiday glitter.  I have a tree on the other ring finger, as well. I love it, but it’s a little too subtle. Also, not a fan of brown. Last year, I tried peppermint nails which was too far out of my skill range. We’ll see what I can try this year! It might just end up being holiday polka dots.


One thought on “15 December 2012: Holiday Outing!

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