21 December 2012: YAY

So happy to wear my new skirt! The snow was a bit of a bust – some of the grass was a little covered when I woke up, and my car was covered and iced shut, but that’s it. SIGH.


Jones New York tie sweater, anthropologie Blomma cross stitched skirt, Hue tights, Aerosole heels, vintage Christmas pin, gift bow

You guys, this skirt is so awesome! So comfortable, so cute, I love it so much. I am super excited.

Also making me super excited: it’s Christmas bath day! I will plop in a delightful bathbomb or bubble bar from Lush (possibilities: Father Christmas, Rocket, Golden Wonder) and I will put in my CD of the 1940s radio performance of It’s A Wonderful Life (and maybe Miracle on 34th Street, also at that link). I am not a huge fan of the IaWL movie, but the radio broadcast is just perfect.

I just have Christmas stocking errands to run before I can do that, so I better hurry off and get dressed!


8 thoughts on “21 December 2012: YAY

  1. Have a Merry Christmas to you & yours from me & mine!
    Super cute skirt – I had that on my wish list but ended up changing my mind in favor of another skirt over at J.Crew Factory.
    Between you & a few of my fav video bloggers – I finally placed a Lush order the other day….sucks though as the order won’t be delivered until like Jan 6th. Right about when I forgot I ordered it no doubt!
    The hubs & I aren’t doing much as we are pretty busy lately & I just got chosen to attend some accelerated business classes in January in order to start my own biz! So it’s gonna be a whirlwind of busy right soon!
    Anyhoo, have a great holiday season & hope Santa is good to you too!


  2. I looked for stuff w/an almond scent (my fav) so things like Marzibain & Cinders. I also got Golden Wonders, a melted snowman thingy, Butterball, Father Christmas, Ma Bar & Avoball.
    I’m not a patchouli fan at all so I dodged anything w/that scent.

    I may or may not have also placed an order w/my fav Zum products (by Indigo Wild). Yah! There almond soy candle is about as perfect as it can get. Not cheap no, but burns for forever!

    Have a great Christmas yourself!


    • Oooh!!! Almond’s one of my favorites, too, and I love both Marzibain and Cinders – especially Marzibain. Avobath is one of my favorite scents from them, too. I used Father Christmas tonight and it was absolutely wonderful, but I will warn you: SO MUCH GLITTER. I’m used to glitter from Lush, but this was super extra glitter, all over me and the tub. 98% cleaned up pretty easily, but some of it is waiting for the next bathroom scrub because I gave up on it tonight. So either be prepared and enjoy, or try dropping it into a cheap stocking/cut up cheap pantyhose and knotting it closed first – that catches some of the goodies. At least, it works on some of the bigger things that can hide in the bathbombs, and should catch at least some of the glitter.

      I’d never heard of Zum before, but they look cool! I’m going to check it out now, thanks. 🙂


  3. Gah! Glitter in the bath – whoa! That could be a mess!
    My cure all for anything is white vinegar mixed in with Dawn. Put in a spray bottle – equal parts. Spray at the dastardly stain or dilemma then walk away. Come back later. Ta da!


    • Yeah, it can be! Lush likes to tuck little things into the bathbombs, but they usually put at least an oblique reference to it in the description. I’ve had paper confetti before, too, that was fun. It’s just good to go in realizing that sometimes, things are messy after the fun, hee. I am definitely going to give that mix a try, thank you!!


  4. …..btw, for sure check out Zum. There almond scented stuff is devine! The almond coffee soap is great! I
    have 2 pet parrots & they are all super scent sensitive due to such delicate parrot respiratory systems so certain candles are big-time off limits which include anything like BB&B so Zum’s all-soy & goats milk stuff is okey dokey though.


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