28 December 2012: Festive

It’s been snowing!! Not much is sticking, at least here, but it’s been gorgeous to walk around in and watch. I was up at my parents again today, and they have at least an inch. So lovely. In celebration, my blog is snowing through January 4. 🙂


Ann Taylor Loft sweater, thrifted skirt, Hue leggings, vintage pin, Bass Heritage boots

Check this pin! My stocking was filled with vintage pins this year – my dad remembered my hunting for enamel pins at the little antique store this summer. I got some super adorable ones, including a penguin that is very me! I also got an old, old boys adventuring book inscribed to Harry McKean, Xmas 1907. Isn’t that amazing to think, we got the same book for Christmas, 105 years apart?

I thought it would be fun to end the year with some best of lists, mixing up the Lady and Librarian bits of me. 🙂

Top 5 Books of 2012:

I admit – I’m a children’s librarian, and as such, I read a lot of kidlit. When I’m not reading that, I do a lot of YA, romance and history. My best of list probably doesn’t look like any other list out there, but I think these are great reads for adults.

Code Name Verity – Set in World War II, it’s the story of best friends told after one is captured in France by Nazis. It’s dark, yes, but it’s also filled with love and hope. It’s a spy thrilled, mystery and platonic love story all in one. The first third moved a little slow, but by halfway through it becomes breathtaking. It’s hard to talk about this one without giving anything away. Queenie and Maddie are a pair for the ages. My pick for this year’s Printz Award.
The Last Dragonslayer – I first found Jasper Fforde’s books in my first attempt at grad school and they kept me sane. (Thursday Next series – alternate UK where books are protected by their own police division and Thursday has found a way to jump into the books themselves.) My favorite of his is a different series, Shades of Grey, which is a post-apocalyptic color based dystopia. His latest is a young adult novel set in a world where there has been magic, but now it’s fading. Witty with amazing world building.
Starry River of the Sky – My pick for this year’s Newbery Award. Grace Lin is able to blend Chinese folk tales with her own narratives to create worlds of adventure that have amazing depths and are still entirely accessible and enjoyable for kids. This is a companion to the Newbery Honor winning Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, which can be compared to The Wizard of Oz, but doesn’t need to be read first. I don’t typically enjoy folk tales, but I can only read her books in one sitting because I can’t put them down.
Bomb – This is a fascinating history of the atomic bomb – the race against Germany, the treason and the Norwegian spies who helped and hindered along the way. Vivid writing and excellent quotes make this story come alive.
Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible – I love and adore Tim Gunn. Here he gives background and history on clothing items, along with his signature judgements and pronouncements and humor.
Bonus: Summer at Tiffany – Memoir of a woman who was the first female floor worker at Tiffany during World War 2, with amazing details on daily life and activities. Bonus because although I first read it this year, it came out in 2007. 🙂

Top 5 Anthro purchases of 2012:

Hummingbird skirt  – it’s so twirly and cheery and twirly! (Yes, twirly deserves to be used twice.) I love that it’s a full skater skirt, just like I had on my wishlist to start the year.
Sequined Migration miniskirt  – It’s sparkly and makes me feel sassy when I wear it!
Blomma Cross Stitch skirt  – I know it’s new, but it just makes me smile to wear this. It pretty much perfectly encapsulates how I think winter looks. Also, it just went on sale and they refunded me the difference, huzzah!
Revisionist Impressionist dress  – Oh, man, I still can’t get over this dress. I can’t believe I own it. It’s just incredible to look at and feel and I wonder if I can make it a winter dress? It’s too gorgeous to just hang out in my closet until spring.
Melora dress  – Another cheery, twirly delight! With added awesome Chris Colfer memories, as he complimented it and tried to figure out what color it was. What a sweetie.


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