30 December 2012: Messy

I look a little overly casual for a work day, oops.


Coldwater Creek sweater, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Kate Spade necklace, Sweet 554 mary janes

I tried with the necklace. I tried.

Today’s Top 5 lists!
So as I considered this, I realized – I only saw 6 new movies this year. I need to work on that.
Struck By Lightning – This is currently on iTunes, Amazon and OnDemand for renting, and has briefly appeared in theaters, although it will get wider release in 2013. Carson is a bitter high school senior who has big dreams for the future and can’t wait to leave his tiny, small minded town where no one is going anywhere – a fact brought home by his depressed, angry mother who wants him to realize that dreams will only break your heart. It’s caustically funny and very bittersweet – it’s told in flashback after Carson dies in the first scene. It reminds me a lot of Juno. Written and starring Chris Colfer, it also stars Allison Janney (the best in the movie) and Christina Hendricks.
Hunger Games – Based on a really fabulous YA series, it’s about Katniss fighting to the death not just to save her sister, but to free the country from what it’s become. I thought they did a really bang up job translating the book to film – although the book is better, natch. Team Peta ftw!
Brave – Based on trailers, I had expected this to be an adventure movie, maybe along the lines of Mulan. Instead, it was actually a story of a mother and daughter and expectations and growing up. I loved this more than I thought possible.
Titanic 3D – I was a child of the 90s. I had to see it again, even if it did seem tasteless to watch Titanic victims die in 3D while commemorating the 100th anniversary of their deaths. I thought they did a beautiful job making it come alive. So to speak.
Les Miserables – a last minute addition, seen Friday night. I was never the big fan that my friend Melissa was – I knew some of the songs and the general story, but wow, I thought it was amazing. I didn’t cry like everyone else in my party did, but I was so moved. Bonus points for Helena Bonham Carter, whom I adore. (PS, am I weird to prefer Eponine to Cosette? At least Eponine *did* things, Cosette just smiled and looked pretty and reacted.)
So, what didn’t make the list? Madagascar 3. Not that it wasn’t charming, or that I didn’t appreciate the penguins, or that Afro Circus isn’t a very catchy song, but, well. Sorry.

Already Pretty – This was the very first style blog I ever read! And the only one for about a year. I love Sal and her common sense and great ideas.

Effortless Anthropologie – Roxy’s reviews are so useful, and I love the variety of pieces she shows off. I also really appreciate her weekly sales roundups!
Dress Like Glee/Fashion of Glee – These are separate sites that work well together – I love Dress Like Glee’s mix of high and low fashion brands to recreate your favorite character’s style, and knowing what they wear on Glee is just a ton of fun.
Tom and Lorenzo – I found them searching for ideas for a Mad Men day at work, and stuck around for their AMAZING recaps of the show, both plot and what the costuming means for characterization, and fell in love with their bitchy take on celebrity fashion. I check this site several times a day.
Future Lint (I Have Nothing to Wear) – There’s probably about a dozen blogs that I check almost daily in my feed, but Christine is one of my favorites. I love her quirky style and her shoe shots are super useful..


4 thoughts on “30 December 2012: Messy

  1. LOL, here’s my funny Coldwater Creek story. Years ago I was working with a middle-aged gal who saw me thumbing through the Coldwater Creek catalog during our lunch break.
    She sat next to me & got all serious looking & proceeded to tell me that I was young & that I have such a good future ahead of me & that I will be old before I know it, but right now I’m not old which is why she discouraged me from considering anything from the Coldwater Creek catalog.
    She went on to say that maybe a few decades later there will be a calling in me to pick that catalog back up & buy something then, but even then I should reconsider that because it will be a sign I’ve conceeded to old age.
    I remember sitting back in my chair & proceeded to laugh at her as she was just so serious about it all & it really was so weird a convo but I must admit, I avoid the Coldwater Creek catalog/stores like the plague!


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