31 January 2012: Patterns

Some more pattern mixing today. Experimenting is fun, I remember that now.


Forever 21 striped top, Old Navy skirt, Merona floral scarf, H&M cardigan, Old Navy tights, hand knit hairband, Merona OTK socks, Bass Heritage boots

I superglue-dotted the strap back on to the boot – so far, so good. Fingers crossed for me.

I also bribed myself into sending emails by letting myself buy a dress on sale from Macy’s this morning. New brand, so fingers also crossed for a good fit/style. It’s just so cute, though!! And I only feel slightly ridiculous that I found it through a webshow! (I always feel weird buying clothes after seeing characters wear them. I think that’s probably silly, but it usually stops me anyway. But not this time!)

(ETA: Boot FAIL. Sigh. Back to double sided tape. Need a better solution. Grr.)


2 thoughts on “31 January 2012: Patterns

  1. You could try a heavy duty sewing needle meant for thick fabrics like canvas & fix the boot or….better yet, take to a cobbler & let them fix it. I’ve never gone broke having a cobbler fix stuff for me, if anything, they’ve saved me $ in the long run.

    Love the outfit! Denim skirts w/tights & boots is one of my fav go-to outfits in the colder months.


    • Hmm. I never thought about a cobbler for fixing this, I always think of them for soles or whatever, when I actually think of them. But I walk by one half a block from work, so I should investigate that. Thanks!

      It’s always been my go to, as well, and I haven’t gone to it this winter! I think it needs to make a come back. 🙂


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