10 February 2012: Pink

Yesterday, I had work followed by a drinks date. I was aiming for cute, casual and cleavage. Yet work appropriate! I thought I succeeded decently well, but then I had a patron tell me, “You’re too young to be a librarian!” and gasp and basically accuse me of lying when I said I was in my 30s. I know I always look young, but please tell me I didn’t screw myself over with my hair and clothes!


Anthropologie twisted bows tee, Gap lace camisole, Old Navy Sweetheart skinnies, Forever 21 phone booth necklace, Converse (not pictured: Gap boyfriend cardigan)

It was 50, so I did spent a portion of the afternoon sans cardigan.

Today I had off, and I did not bother to get dressed. I caught up on TiVo, cleaned my apartment, did some reading, and now it’s time to hunker down with Bride and Prejudice and a romance novel. I love Mondays off.


5 thoughts on “10 February 2012: Pink

    • I’ve been asked if I’ve chosen a major yet since I was 13. It’s a bit of a sensitive spot for me, I guess. There was a few years in my 20s where I couldn’t wear Disney or anything remotely youthlike, lest I look 16. People say it’s a good problem, but that’s because it’s not theirs. 😉 I wouldn’t mind looking 31! That’s plenty young enough for me, but this 20 thing needs to end.

      Date was fun! Nothing extraordinary, but there’s almost certainly a second one in my future with him.


  1. I totally understand about not seeing the humor always in being accused of not looking your age, or looking/sounding like a celebrity/famous person, etc. I’m at an age now that age remarks in general don’t phase me one way or the other.
    I do get a lot of “you look just like (fill in the blank)”.
    I get a lot of Annette Benning to Jackie Kennedy to whomever is sporting a brunette bangs/bob hairstyle at the moment all the way down to that girl, you know, the girl from that show about those people. Huh? Errr um ok. Those I take as a complement…I guess.


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