13 February 2013: Pre-Valentine

Funny story about this outfit.


Forever 21 Peter Pan Collared sweater, Modcloth sparkle tweed skirt, cream tights, vintage clip on earring, Bass Heritage boots

So this was what I had planned to wear for Valentine’s Day – it’s peach and purple, so not totally stereotypic, but definitely appropriate.  (Okay, the earring as brooch was a total improvisation this morning, based on Emma Pillsbury.) Once I discovered that I owned and liked cream tights, I knew I had to pair them with this skirt. But last week, my mom texted me: Do you have a pink cardigan? (Yes.) Do you have navy tights? (Yes.) Do you trust me? (Generally?)

She was apparently on JCrew Factory’s site and found something that she swears is perfect for me, and asked if she could get it to me for Valentine’s Day, would I wear it? I debated, but decided: what the hell. She follows my Pinterest, she has a pretty good idea of what I like. Long gone are the days where she bought me what she wanted me to like. So my Dad is dropping it off tomorrow morning. I think it’s going to involve polka dots, but that’s merely a guess. Tomorrow shall tell.

Wish me luck.


3 thoughts on “13 February 2013: Pre-Valentine

  1. OoOoooooh I bet I know what your Mom got you from JCF! I was literally just at the store yesterday (got a scarf, blue pencil skirt & kiwi bubble necklace) & there were 1 or 2 items that would go super appropriate w/your Mom’s hints!
    So exciting!


    • Hee, awesome!!! I can’t wait to see if you’re right.

      And ooh, cool. I love those bubble necklaces. I’ve been eyeing their pencil skirts, too. Which one did you get, is it online?


      • I got the Valentine’s scarf – little red hearts on navy blue background, a pencil skirt in brilliant cobalt blue & the fresh kiwi bubble necklace. My local store had a 40% off sale on everything plus I had an additional 15% off. Couldn’t resist any longer!


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