15 and 16 February: Girly

Neither outfit was what I intended to wear on either day! But they worked in the very last minute, which is all you can ask for.


Anthropologie Sailor Knotted top, JCrew pleated skirt, JCrew Jackie cardigan in slate, tights, Bass Heritage boots

I like the peach and grey – a hint of spring.


Kate Spade ikat Caroline dress, H&M cardigan, Forever 21 belt, tights, Swarovski flower crystal necklace, pink fascinator, Liz Claibourne boots

This was for my friend Meg’s wedding shower, which ended up being such an amazingly fun afternoon. Normally big groups where I only know one person are too overwhelming, but I got to meet/hang out with her friend Crystal, whom I now really like. Awesome.

After the party, I hit Target, which is like a blackhole for my bank account, omg. Last minute items thrown into my cart were 3 different shades of NYC nail polish – they were cheap enough that 3 felt reasonable. This is Central Park – more peachy and pastel than I normally enjoy, but I like it a lot. This is 3-4 coats for mostly opaque, but it’s not super streaky. We’ll see how long it lasts, at less than $2 a bottle!



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