22 February 2013: Coloriffic

I actually love the red and blue together – I wore this for a day of errands, and need to bring it back when I will see more people. It’s super fun 50s.


Gap tank, Charlotte Russe sparkle top, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, BoC Canty booties

And a hair cut! And more color:


I got the purple back in a few places, and it turned pink up top there. Love it!

Also exciting –  I bought the pinup package. I’m super excited and will try to schedule it in May for my birthday. I’m looking so forward to having people doll me up all 40s/50s style!!


2 thoughts on “22 February 2013: Coloriffic

  1. Gah! Love the purple! I have been using Manic Panic Purple Haze the last few times. My color streak is easily tucked (hidden) behind my ear for when I need it hidden – which isn’t that often. However, I just picked up the MP Turquoise shade for Spring. So excited!
    Love the 50’s color scheme as well. My first house that I bought still had the 50’s boomerang countertops in the kitchen.


    • Oh, cool! This is also easily hidden – a little too easily, I’m still figuring out how to style it so that it shows more prominently. I love the idea of turquoise, though, that will be so awesome for spring!


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