8 and 9 March 2013: Wedding!!

The wedding was absolutely lovely – a long, beautiful day. Meg looked amazing, and I can’t wait to show off pictures of her. We all had our hair and make up done professionally, and I have to say – omg, so worth the price. I have got to learn how to do all of this on my own.

Pre-wedding, amazing make up only:


Post-wedding, 14 hours later, make up fading:

2013-03-09_9244 2013-03-09_9247 2013-03-09_9249









Yeah, you get spammed with pictures, hee.  Not really sorry – I will never look this amazing again! I need it for posterity. I really loved the curls, each of which had a bit of purple woven in, and which relaxed through the day. (I had initial poodle fears, but they were unfounded.) And, they totally stuck around for the next day!


Gap sweater, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, Forever 21 hair bow, Bass Heritage boots

My friend and I went to see Audra McDonald yesterday afternoon. I was so freaking exhausted (didn’t get to bed until about 3am after the wedding), but her voice is just glorious. Unbelievable beauty.  And then I slept for 12 hours.

Oh! I do have a pic of Meg. And you can see some of the poodle fear.


Isn’t she gorgeous? Total smoky Adele cat-eye going on, and a seriously adorable dress.


4 thoughts on “8 and 9 March 2013: Wedding!!

  1. Wow! What a make-up difference! You look like a different person! You look as if you feel a million bucks!
    You friend looks blissful on her wedding day – glad everything went well!
    Hey, wait…..wasn’t this the purple bridesmaid dress wedding? Or does the pics just make your dress look black instead of purple?


    • Isn’t it incredible? I totally felt like a million bucks, and it was an amazing feeling. I can’t wait to learn how to do it myself. I know it’ll take awhile, but the end results will be so worth it.
      Yes, it was the purple bridesmaid dress wedding – it’s a dark plum and these shots are not well lit, hee. I’ll share a few photographer pics when they are available.


  2. You look *completely* adorable! And I don’t mean in an insulting, wow, you look seven kind of way. That dress is totally flattering to your build. Definitely worth taking pictures for posterity.


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