18 and 19 March: Please Let Winter End

I love snow. I love cold. I am SO OVER it. It was 20* today! That was acceptable in February, but we are days away from meteorological spring and it needs to end.

Also, I find myself sick of all my winter clothes. But because I need them, I find myself buying more. Really need to curb this! But modcloth had their surprise mystery sale yesterday – $15 and you get a random garment, shoe or accessory. They sold out of shoes quickly, so I went garment. Wish me luck.



Gap empire top, Old Navy skirt, Forever 21 phone booth necklace, tights, BoC Canty Booties

This top often veers towards too lowcut, so I don’t often wear it. But I needed to mix things up a little.


anthropologie Space-Dyed Cowlneck, Old Navy Rockstar Jeans, Me Too ballerina flats

New top! I got it on sale half off, but it’s back in stock full price in a spring colorway. This is a medium, and it’s lovely, but I might have sized down into a small – I bought this online, so went with my typical size.

Basically, I saw Lizzie Bennet wearing a lovely turquoise cowl neck top. I asked the actress where she got it (best blog idea ever, bless her), it was anthro, and I realized that my friend Melissa actually owns it, too! And it was older, out of season. So when I saw this very similar style, I had to buy it. BECAUSE  I AM A DORK. But at least I admit it? The cowl was a little rough to set up, there are a lot of ways it does not look good, but I figured out a way I liked it a lot. The color is really amazing – you can see the flecks of deep green in the threads and it all catches the light beautifully.

My mom’s salon sells their opened bottles of nail polish half off, which means I can get OPI for under $5. Last time, they had just put in a liquid sand from Mariah’s collection, The Impossible, and I had to try it. It’s a sweet pink, plus glitter and stars, and I was quite curious about liquid sand.


It goes on so easily – the brush is a little wider and flatter than normal, which is amazing, and it dries incredibly fast. I’m guessing the hell will come in with taking it off. 😉 I really love it – I keep running my fingers over it, hee. It’s a fun, springy Barbie pink, and looks less gristled than it appears in the photo. Mostly the sandy effect just catches the light and shines. Super fun!

Also, I was playing with the site at lunch today – it’s easier to share/save pics (hopefully) and I updated some things.


2 thoughts on “18 and 19 March: Please Let Winter End

  1. Use a base coat without a doubt always, but especially with the liquid sands – they can stain a wee bit more than regular polishes but at least removal is a heckuva lot easier than most glitter polishes. I really want to like the liquid sands more & am already digging the ones in OPI’s new upcoming San Fan collection, but I just wasn’t wow’ed w/the Mariah Carey colors as much.
    You should take a looksee at the new Zoya Pixie Dust collection – so stinkin cute it hurts!
    Bummer about the 20* wx you are still sporting – hotternhell is closing in before we know it though!
    How fun with the ModCloth mystery item – love the suspense with that kinda thing.


    • Good to know!! I really like this pink one, but the blue/purple Mariah shade looked amazing. But the San Fran colors!!!! I am so in love, I can’t wait to see them live. I especially love the greys, both regular and liquid sand.

      I don’t think I’ve ever tried a Zoya polish, I need to track them down!


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