Anthropologie Spring Fashion Show

I tried to get shots of everything, but my seat and my camera conspired against me. Still, I got a lot of them! About 25 outfits, I think. There’s too much to ID, but a few of them will show up in my next dressing room post. (Also, yes, quality issues. Sorry. 😦 )

Before we get started, this is what I ended up wearing:


anthropologie Espaliared Tunic, Gap lace camisole, Coldwater Creek crochet cardigan, Old Navy rockstar jeans, Liz Claibourne boots, XO pendant choker, tulip from anthropologie!

And onto the show!


I liked their adorable floppy hats. Wonder if I could pull them off?


No one should ever, ever wear a jumpsuit. Crystal and I were sort of horrified. But she gets props for being super excited and happy about every outfit she wore, even this one.



LOVE this outfit. The shoes are killer and the styling rocks. I want to try to recreate this.



Loved this dress and the floaty cardigan, but didn’t see it in the store. Poodles! It probably wouldn’t work with my body type, anyway. But I like that there are straps, just removable.


Crystal and I side-eyed the denim vests coming out (hello 5th grade!), but I like the layering.


Teacup shirt! Love it with the pastel pants, but I could never pull that off.



SO CUTE. I saw the Chroma Shadow Sheath when I walked in the store – it’s super eye-catching. The bright blue back is also interesting…I haven’t decided if it’s good or bad.


Love the slightly fancier styling of that rainbow dog tee.






The shirt has camels. Camels! Love it with the neon and poof.



Floppy hat!

2013-03-23_9372 2013-03-23_9371

LOVE the shoes, love the necklace with this top.


I totally adore this Karen Walker dress and went to grab it as soon as the show finished. The pop of yellow is great.


The whole show, I kept picturing her as Ali MacGraw in Love Story. This super 70s outfit didn’t help!



So cute! So casual! So easy! Except I can’t do boxy like she can.


BUNNIES. Bunnies!!! You better believe I tried this dress on.

2013-03-23_9358 2013-03-23_9357

Killer jacket! I wonder if this will be the year I find a pair of shorts I can wear?

2013-03-23_9356 2013-03-23_9355

Love the chambray and neon, and the necklace is perfect. I’d like to try to get in on the chambray trend, but I have bad 90s flashbacks every time I see a denim shirt…



This was a very popular dress – one saleslady had it on in green, another in red, another in yellow, all styled differently.


Very cute. I like the flowers on the skirt.



Crystal and I both loved this skirt, and couldn’t find it in the store. :/

2013-03-23_9345 2013-03-23_9344

What great layering!! The jacket is adorable, and that’s a cardigan over the mint top. I’d been eyeing it before the show, and sort of regret not trying it on.


The end! It was a fun day, I loved hanging out with Crystal and I totally dug the inspiration. One top we both loved was the Pattern Gathered Shell, which didn’t make it into any of these shots. There was also a high-low maxi dress that I was tempted by, but couldn’t find in the store and now can’t find online, either. Clearly not meant to be!


2 thoughts on “Anthropologie Spring Fashion Show

  1. Wow! That had to have been so much fun to attend!
    I really dig the neon shorts & chambray shirt combo – never thought to pair the two, but it really looks so cool!
    The maxi skirts are looking cute too!
    Thanks for sharing your pix of the show – you did a good job what with all the moving targets!


    • It really was! I am so pleased I got the invite. It definitely gave me some fun style ideas to try out – like the chunky necklace and shorts, which will definitely be coming up. Whenever shorts are appropriate again.


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