Dressing Room!

Alert alert alert! Anthropologie has 20% off all dresses through Sunday, online and in stores.

Naturally, just Sunday, I told a friend that if the bunny dress dropped to $75, I’d buy it. Time to start seriously considering that.

2013-03-23_9389  2013-03-23_9397

Franziska Shirtdress, aka, the Bunny Dress! Image one, size 6, image two, size 4.

I sized down because it was vaguely sacklike even with the belt and because I had zero problems buttoning it over my chest (a serious issue with most buttondowns). I freaking adore the print, which is geometric and fun until you get close and see BUNNIES and then it’s just adorable. I very nearly bought it on sight, and the size 4 still buttoned up beautifully with no pulling. But, there’s the back:

2013-03-23_9401   2013-03-23_9400

Both sizes had the odd bunching in the back. The top is because of my twisting, but just under the belt happens all the time unless I tug. It’s a little short, but I have no problems wearing leggings or tights with it. I love the colors, I love the print, but will I spend too much time tugging? Help!

2013-03-23_9395 2013-03-23_9394

Karen Walker Prosecco dress, size 4.

I normally wear a 6 or even an 8 in Karen Walker, but this was all that was on the shelf so I grabbed it. And it fit PERFECTLY. Like it was made for me. The neckline is a little high, and so is the price, which is my hesitation. Wishlisted for sale time, because it is marvelous.

2013-03-23_9392 2013-03-23_9393

Drafted Petals Romper, size 6.

I can’t believe it, but I love this hardcore. The dressing room was super busy, but I wish I’d asked to try on an 8 anyway. The  6 fit my chest and waist like a dream, exactly how I always wish clothes would, but I felt the shirts were the tiniest bit too tight on my thighs. They didn’t ride up or anything, but I felt a little uncomfortable. An 8 probably would alleviate that, but I’d lose the dream fit up top. SIGH. One of the salesladies was wearing this with tights and looked adorable. I love the 1940s look, but I’m not sure I could pull this off on a daily basis.


Novelty collar tee, size small and medium.

I bought this! I decided to try it on again and see which size would work best. I think the small worked all right, defined my waist more, but that wasn’t really the point of this shirt, and reinforced a pear shape, so I stuck with the medium for purchase. I think it’s worth trying on multiple sizes, though, to see what works for you. But I look forward to hanging out in my Pem-Ber-LEE top, hee.


5 thoughts on “Dressing Room!

    • I know. 😦 I have come to this decision. But it’s hard, because I love the print and I love the front. If only it wasn’t a dress, I bet a top would fit me better.


    • I have my fingers crossed for a good sale price!! Because I love it so very much. I’ve declared April to be a month of austerity, however, and shopping my closet does not allow for new dresses over $100, hee.


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