Rivet and Sway: Pair #2

I bought the zulily voucher for Rivet and Sway glasses – half off, plus the credit I had meant a pair of glasses and lenses for $85! I can’t pass that up, and since I am so blind without them, I should never be without a second pair of glasses anyway. Here’s what I tested out:


Tusk, in Queen’s Cape



Petite Allegro, in Spicy Tortoise


Je Ne Sais Quoi, in Water Lily

I kind of love them all. Tusk is probably too similar to my current pair, the Faster Pussycats. But my mom pointed out that the shape and size of the Je Ne Sais Quio is also very similar to the Pussycats, just minus the top angle. The Petite Allegro are definitely different, but might be too small for my face. I’m sort of leaning Je Ne Sais Quoi because I do love the shape and the color, but I could be persuaded elsewhere.

The company saw my pics on Instagram and asked if they could put them on Facebook for people to vote, so we shall see what popular opinion is. What do you guys think?

Also! Note my entirely awesome new Betsy Johnson bowtie necklace I got from my parents. I Love it.


8 thoughts on “Rivet and Sway: Pair #2

  1. I vote the last ones. 🙂 Not sure how I’d be about the picture voting, but you would definitely get a sampling of unbiased opinions!


    • Yeah, we’ll see how it goes. LOL People have been nice and supportive other times they’ve done this, so here’s hoping no trolls or anything show up, hee.

      The blue ones are super cool. I’m really digging them.


  2. Thanks so much for going through the Rivet & Sway experience Shelley. And thanks for writing about it. I’m a big Je Ne Sais Quoi fan….and they have a great story behind them!

    Rivet & Sway CEO


    • It was fun! I am a big fan of my current pair from you guys, and always take the time to talk them up here and with offline friends. I’m pretty excited about the Je Ne Sais Quoi frames – I hope to get my order in this week. 🙂


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