2 April 2013: Bowties are Cool

It’s still cold. I’m grumpy. I had a big piece of cake for dinner. (In my defense, with a salad.) And now I’m eating jelly beans. I can’t wait for Easter leftovers to be over.


Halogen cashmere sweater (thrifted), Merona skirt, Hue tights, Betsey Johnson bowtie necklace, Bass Heritage boots

I love this sweater and I love the way the outfit came out!! And it was even flexible enough to do a storytime in, including marching like a dinosaur and going bananas.

Rivet and Sway posted my pics on their facebook and a lot of people weighed in – and none went for the Je Ne Sais Quoi I had been eyeing, ha! Most went for Tusk, hmmm…..

My friend posted the pic she took of my coworker and I for our Library’s social media – I love it! I need to get in on her skills with her iPhone camera and see if she’ll help with future blog pics.



3 thoughts on “2 April 2013: Bowties are Cool

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