To consign or not, that is the question

I have been on the hunt for a new pair of black ballet flats for almost a year now, trying to replace my beloved LL Beans. The MIAs I’ve been trying to make work just aren’t – they don’t breathe and they aren’t comfortable. It’s going to be murder this summer.

I bought a pair of Elie Tahari Villa flats online because I figured they would be good quality. And they are! But they are not my size, and now my size is sold out. My options: return for credit, consign, sell to a friend. So I thought I’d start here – anyone want a pair of Elie Tahari flats in a size 8? $50 (or a good offer), on an original price of $150.


I was also talking to my mother about consigning my Betsey Johnson sundress I got last summer when I was starry eyed by the price and the dream of a life that isn’t mine. I am still going to consign it, but I realized it might first be perfect for my pinup photoshoot in May. So it’ll wait for then. Did I ever show it off?


It’s so cute and I love it so much and it still makes me happy to wear. Except there is nowhere to wear it to! Certainly not work appropriate, and that is my life. (Ended things with Eleven, I don’t think I mentioned that here.) Is it good (fit, style?) for the pinup shoot?

Oh, and I updated my jam in the sidebar – I have been bouncing like crazycakes to this song! Love it to death, go listen. πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “To consign or not, that is the question

  1. So the sundress would be a no-go for the summer when you are out & about on the weekends? I would make a super cute pin-up photo shoot dress.
    I’ve Ebay’ed / consigned a bunch of my aspirational wardrobe items & vowed to keep my wardrobe shopping sights aimed at the life I do have (‘burbs), doing my regular job (healthcare) & seeing how we go to the same place (FL Keys) year after year for vacation – I kinda don’t need dressy-dressy stuff. I live a flip flop kinda life – not so much a Louboutin life.
    What does ended with Eleven mean btw? Totally cryptic to me.


    • Heh, sorry – Eleven was the guy I was going out with the last few months. Not that we ever did anything cute sundress worthy, but now there is enough less chance.

      The dress is silk and snug and just a little too fancy for regular weekend wear. I’m usually pretty realistic about keeping aspirational clothes out of my closet, but, sometimes things sneak in! I need to do a closet overhaul, see if there’s anything else I don’t wear that I can get rid of.


    • Isn’t it? I’m glad to be getting one good use out of it, with photographic results. Then I’ll be able to say goodbye to it…and hopefully get a good price. πŸ˜‰


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