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No outfit post today;  I was up sick most of the night and am taking a pajama day. I am hosting a brunch on Sunday, and because it is also Mad Men premiere day, it will be vaguely 60s themed/inspired. And so will my outfit. I don’t have many options when it comes to 60s themed, so expect at least one or two daydreamy polyvore outfits to show up.

Meanwhile, I save so many links so many places, let’s see if I can clear some out.

Street photos from 1906! This is so freaking cool. The hats, the jabots, the puffed sleeves! As grateful as I am to be able to wear short skirts and tank tops during the summer, I kind of really love this style, too.

The Thoughtful Dresser. This book sounds sincerely awesome – I love examining the idea of fashion and history entwined. My favorite bit was “Imagine a Depression-era girl dreaming of the day her chintzy wardrobe might be replaced by something plush and prosperous—only to hit middle age in the brutally youth-oriented ’60s.” Man, seriously. Or how the handbag was actually huge strides forward for women and power: “A woman confined to the home—a woman who had no money of her own—a woman who is too respectable to paint her face had no need of a handbag to carry keys, a wallet, lipstick: “For late nineteenth-century women, the handbag must have seemed as revolutionary a gadget as the Sony Walkman.”” My great-grandmother (born 1918) carried her handbag with her until the day she died – even when it was empty. It meant something to her, and not just as an accessory. (Although she was also immensely stylish. I should post pictures of her someday.)

Fashion of Glee. Ever since I started reading Tom and Lorenzo’s Mad Style posts a few years ago, I have been fascinated by the work costume designers do, using clothes to go deeper into the characters’ stories. I love the hints Glee’s costume designer gives here – things like how Kurt’s penchant for wearing skull jewelry does reflect the loss in his life and how it’s affected him, though it’s not necessarily all about death. Blaine does wear women’s and kids clothing sometimes; what does that say about him? (Besides the fact that DCriss is a tiny man.) It’s all cool.

Darren Criss shirts. No commentary, just fun. Especially the Roxy outfit and sunglasses. And bowties. Because bowties are cool.

Babysitters Club and their Fashion Blogger counterparts. Totes dibbly fresh. I always admired Claudia’s chutzpah, longed to be NYC Cool like Stacey and loved Mary Anne’s romantic style, but despite being in no way athletic or sporty, all I did was Kristy’s jeans and sweaters. I’ve made up for it now, though!

Mixtape Flashbacks! Mostly from the 90s, complete with YouTube links. I remember recording songs off the radio (omg, My Heart Will Go On, with lines from the movie!) and also, due to my set up, taking my favorite tv episodes and recording the audio. My mom sent me the General Hospital Nurses Ball that way when I was in Germany in the summer of ’96. That worked best for shows like Remember WENN, which was set in an OTR radio station, but I still have some GHs on audio, I think.

5 Reasons GH fans loved the 50th anniversary ep. Speaking of GH! So true. I teared up when Epiphany was talking to Doris on the phone, and when they showed Steve and Audrey dancing, back in the 60s. I love that the same actress who has played Audrey since 1964 is not only still around to be on the show, but that her character still has ties to characters on now. I absolutely spent over 25 hours watching the 50 hour marathon this weekend on soapnet, and I still have 8 episodes on my TiVo – the ones that aired in the middle of the night!

YouTube Time Machine. Pick a year and watch videos from it! I’m currently watching the Dock Front in Galveston in 1900. It’s got commercials, movie trailers, tv shows, everything. It’s a blast.

Disney World Monorail Art! I was considering getting this for my living room wall. But then I found this full text Pride and Prejudice poster with Lizzy and Darcy and bought it instead. So maybe Disney for my hallway? Or bedroom. My goal is to not buy anything this month, so I have time to figure it out.

The Touch Screen Generation. I found it fascinating, mostly in terms of my job and what we do, but I thought others might be interested, as well.


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