5-7 April 2012: Mad Men Weekend!

Tonight is the Mad Men premiere! Hello, Christmas 1967. In celebration, I’ve been dressing 60s inspired.


Anthropologie Noon and Night dress, Old Navy cardigan, Hue tights, Forever 21 necklace, BoC Canty Booties

I’ve been meaning to pair this with purple for weeks, and it’s enough of an autumn/winter colored dress that I was running out of time for it. A more Peggy Olson  option would have been to wear a blouse under it (I’d originally had a purple long sleeved top under there, but it felt too school uniform-y), but I like how this looks.


Abercrombie and Fitch empire top, Old Navy Flirt capris, Gap boyfriend cardigan, Modcloth flowered hairband, cardinal pendant, Me Too flats

It was 70! Warm enough to go out just like this, no coat! I really need to give up on this top – it doesn’t fit my bust. I even tried my non-push up strapless bra, and it was better but still showed a lot of bra. I don’t even like pastels, but I love the romanticness of this top and I keep trying to make it work. I need to stop.


Vintage top (Etsy), Old Navy Flirt capris, vintage flower brooch, Bass by Rachel Antonoff saddle shoes

And actual 60s gear for the big day. I never wear this in regular life, and I ought. It’s cute enough. The collar is big, but the peplum is in style. Saddle shoes are probably too early 60s, but that’s more my style, anyway. (Hi, Stacy! :))

I also hosted a brunch this morning – half the people didn’t show, but those who came enjoyed my 60s inspired spread:


Those are pancake muffins. And no 60s inspired meal is complete without a jello mold, yes?

I tried to fin something cute and 60s mod to wear today, but neither dress at the consignment store worked.


Michael Kors shift dress. How can a size 10 skirt be just a bit too small, and a size 10 dress too big? Curses on you, Duchess.


Theme paisley dress. I was buttoning top down and was so excited – fit my chest perfectly! Fit my waist, too, a miracle! Fit my hips, yay! And then it hit my thighs and it went to hell. SO RUDE. So I stuck with the vintage top and went from there.

Time to relax, read a bit, maybe watch some old Mad Men eps to get in the mood for tonight!


6 thoughts on “5-7 April 2012: Mad Men Weekend!

  1. The purple/mustard combo is lovely!
    I love the romantic-ness of the pink, it’s very very cute and i’d totally wear it. I agree it doesn’t fit you as well as it could! Could you wear a cami under it that would have thicker straps and then cover your bra?
    You definitely should be wearing the 60s vintage outfit, it’s totally you 🙂


    • Isn’t it?? I saw it on Sal at Already Pretty and had to try it myself.

      It’s so tight in the bodice that I don’t think another layer would help the look out much. :/ I think this photo needs to be goodbye. Maybe I can find a similar, better fitting top this season; pastels seem to be pretty big still.


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