10 April 2013: Blues

You know those days where everything is wrong? That was me, yesterday. I went through half a dozen outfits, nothing worked, I pulled on a dress figuring it’d be impossible to screw that up, and screwed it up. (And then ran out of time and had to eat breakfast and drink my coffee at work, while starting to train my brand new interns. They may not be starting with the best opinion of me.) I’ve chosen not to share the photographic evidence at this point. So for today, I stripped it down to basics and hoped that it wouldn’t get screwed up.


Anthropologie space dyed cowl neck, Old Navy rockstar skinny jeans, xo cardinal necklace, BoC Canty booties

I rather like the way it came together. I love this top, though the rich blue makes it harder for me to style – it doesn’t mesh well with my shades of denim. I’m hoping it’s not too dark to pair with my coral skirt in the next few weeks, and maybe it would look good with my gold hummingbird skirt? I’ll test it out when the temperatures get back out of the freaking 30s. Snow is being predicted for the next few days! It’s April; even *I*  am over snow. Give me 75* and sun, PLEASE.

Also, you guys. I don’t know why I never did this before, but last night, I randomly decided to exfoliate my lips. A sprinkle of sugar and a smidgen of olive oil and rubbed it on for a minute or so. Today has been amazing – my lipstick has never looked so good. Why is this not I thing I do? It is now. Super awesome and easy, which is just how I like things.


What do you think?

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