12 and 15 April 2013: Show Off

I thought spring was here because it was 50* when I woke up and a little rainy. Maybe it’s spring. But it’s freaking COLD. I huddled in my heavy sweater all day. I can’t wait for a bit of warmth.


Gap tank top, Charlotte Russe sparkle tie top, Old Navy Rockstar jeans, Forever 21 phone booth necklace, Me Too ballerina wedges

If I had a dollar for every time I explained that my necklace is not a Tardis because Tardises were blue, I could buy something cute at anthropologie. I mean, I appreciate the nerds coming up to me, but they are clearly not nerdy enough. (For the record: this is a public call booth. It’s red. A Tardis looks like a police call booth. It’s blue.)


Gap camisole, handmade skirt!!!!!, BP cardigan, Victoria’s Secret leggings, NY and Co necklace, vintage enamel pin, Me Too ballerina flats

This weekend was quite nice – I stayed in pajamas and read all day Saturday, then got dressed, went grocery shopping and sewed skirts on Sunday. Successfully! Mostly!

Okay, sure – not so fashionable (though the fabric rocks). Perhaps not so very suited to my body type. Maybe the hem doesn’t entirely match up. Maybe the lines are not exactly straight. But by golly, I sewed those seams and added that elastic and it fits and is acceptable to wear in public. These are exciting things.

Next up: finding my pattern and making my measurements so  I buy the amount of fabric I need for a circle/skater skirt.

And possibly a crinoline.

Meanwhile, the retro-ness of my skirt pattern put me in mind to play a little retro with my hair:



2 thoughts on “12 and 15 April 2013: Show Off

  1. Your handmade skirt is great! Something so satisfying about making your own one-off skirts or dresses, etc.
    I’ve not sewn much lately (lately being like 5 yrs) but I’m always on the hunt for interesting fabrics & patterns for the day when I resume sewing for fun.
    The coral/turq color combo in your 1st pic is such a great mix too! I’m such a fan of turquoise anyways (the color but not the stone so much) & am always looking for good color combo’s to pair it with – have to try that for sure!


    • Thank you! It really is super satisfying. I can’t wait to look for more fabric this weekend at our local resale shop – they always have a ton of varying yardages and super super cheap. I also hear that pretty cotton sheets work very well, too. So I’m excited to see what I can find! I mostly have a stash of fat quarters for small house projects accumulated, because that’s all I’ve felt comfortable trying before.

      Turquoise and red pops up a lot of 1950s stuff, so I was looking forward to trying it out. They are both such vibrant, fun colors, I love it.


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