18 and 19 April 2013: What is this Week, Even?

How is it still this week? I feel like two weeks have been crammed into the last 5 days. In biggest to smallest order of wtf:

1. The Boston Nightmare

2. The Texas Nightmare

3. There was such torrential rain yesterday that several towns are flooded, our expressway ramps remain closed, and kids in our town got a “rain day” because buses couldn’t get through the streets.

4. It snowed all day today. ALL DAY.

Isn’t this week over yet? It’s crazy. And I just heard that China had a 7.0 earthquake. I mean, come on. Where’s the reset button? All these poor people.


Anthropologie Here and There tee, Old Navy Rockstar jeans, H&M cardigan, Gap flower headband, Maurice’s bib necklace, wellies

Splish splash splash.


Bar III dress, Gap boyfriend cardigan, Forever 21 bow belt, Forever 21 necklace, Old Navy tights, Liz Claibourne boots

Rocking my comfort fit and flare silhouette. I wanted to wear my Kate Spade OMG dress, but it was 28*, so no.

Someday my spring will come.


2 thoughts on “18 and 19 April 2013: What is this Week, Even?

  1. One of the yutz’s I am taking a business class with was whining up a blue streak the other day about how tough this class has been (not true) but she went on & on about how much tougher she has has than the people of Boston & the folks of West, TX. The class railed on her to the Nth power for those comments.


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